fushia croc on ebay

  1. WHOA!!!!! Lilac, do you mean that you just BOUGHT this bag????? Just now? She's a stunner!!!! OMG!:shocked:

    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. :shocked: oh misunderstanding i mean i ordered at my boutique and the order was already confirmed. even though i do love hermès to death and pieces that price above is just beyond reality :flowers:
  3. It is also beyond words!
  4. yes isn´t it just gorgous? :love:

    just for the record. i do not want to bash the seller in anyway she can charge whatever she wants and i am sure she is a true darling i was just stating my opinion and do not want to offend anyone :flowers:
  5. Oh, thank God....I almost had a heart-attack, Lilach.....Jeez.
  6. GORGEOUS!!!!!!:heart:

    What great bags she has...love the black box Kelly, too.
  7. I want that in a Kelly 28cm!!!!
  8. GORGEOUS!!! If I only had $50grand to spend on a handbag! It is amazing though!
  9. simply beautiful!!! That sellar has some AMAZING bags!
  10. I'm speechless. And that doesn't happen very often!!

    Lil, I can't wait until you receive YOURS!
  11. WOW- gorgeous bag but 2x the retail? No thanks!
  12. Totally STUNNING!!! CAN I CRY NOW???
  13. The fushia croc is spectacular!! WOW!!:love:
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