Fushcia!!!!! in the Fall!

  1. Monsoon, did I see that correctly? Is that going to be a new color this Fall?
  2. Wait a second.........it says fall 2005. Now why did they send you that. What a bumrush!
  3. It's what they have on-hand from previous seasons. It's gorgeous, don't you think?
  4. I'm surprised they still have something in Magenta from 2005. Thanks for sending me the pdf.
  5. No problem, whatsoever. It's what the Bal sisterhood is for...
  6. Thanks for sending it to me, too. I am ordering a city w/gh from them, they are nice to work with. Slow process, though.
  7. Bal sisterhood!! i love how u put it!!!:yahoo:

    by the way, anyone could send me the pdf file too?? please :smile:
  8. PM me your email addy so that I can forward it to you, okay? :smile:
  9. huh?? is there still magenta somewhere? can you pm it to me to? thanks!!!
  10. what's going on gal? send me some ... i wanna know everything
  11. OK, here are the pics on bags that LVR have ON SALE!

    05 Magenta/Fuchsia Mini Classique - Euro 375

    05 Grey Mini Classique Euro 375

    05 Satin Rose (?0) Shoulder Euro 333

    06 Afternoon -- OK, this is the dicey one. Color looks Caramel or Truffle to me, but the PDF says Dark Green! :wtf: :shrugs: Euro 661.50

    Enjoy, ladies!
  12. Wow, Monsoon, is that all what they have?
  13. satin rose shoulder???? that's sooo pretty, i wich it's not pink though :crybaby:
  14. No, it's not, trama. My understanding is that these are the items they have left over from previous seasons. They have the new Spring collection, although I noticed that they mostly carry the GH Bbags, which isn't bad if that's your preference, non? :smile:
  15. Oh, I know, sea! I've been interested in the shoulder, but was hoping for something more vibrant -- in the rouge or vert family. :crybaby: