1. Yea.. the cles is pretty rare on eBay though. Still, I'm not sure if that really justifies that price tag !!
  2. i agree, i haven't seen a fuschia yet...but i could get both a framboise and a perle for that price!
  3. Very true. I do like the fuschia though, it's such a cute, happy colour !
  4. I was lucky enough to get the Lexington and my mom and I both have the Porte Tresor wallets. That was a super limited color, but the new Framboise is nearly identical except that it's a bit more shimmery. Otherwise, they look pretty much the same. I love that color..it goes with more outfits/colors than I thought! :love:
  5. I'm buying the framboise porte-tresor here soon when I go to buy my batignolles horizontal