Fuschia Velvet Eugenie

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  1. Does anyone know who had these? Are they every going to go on sale? I am absolutely in love with them, but I have never seen them in person!
  2. The boutique at SCP had them. They are absolutely gorgeous IRL!
  3. The black and champagne satins were on sale. I really like these too.
  4. I love them, but not the price tag :P
    I'm almost happy that NAP didn't have my size in the black satin Alti style ones (the ones without the cutout) on sale, because they're just irresistable. One of the most spectacular CL styles ever, IMO.
  5. I know that Horatio St received these back in Nov/Dec. They are absolutely gorgeous but I don't know if they put them on sale, I haven't been there in ages.

    Even if they are not on sale now, I am sure that they didn't sell out and will eventually get marked down, especially with the state of the world today. I can't imagine many people paying $2K for a pink velvet shoe KWIM?
  6. I agree. I was seriously tempted to get this pair from NAP UK when they were marked down because I actually prefer the alti style better than the d'orsay cut that I have. It's a good thing my will power was strong that day.
  7. You give me hope! I want these so much, but I can't justify the price tag right now.