Fuschia pink Gucci info?

  1. Hey guys
    I've been looking forever for a pink Gucci bag. No-not the light pink, the fuschia.


    Like that! (I know this is probably fake, I just googled 'pink Gucci' and that picture showed so I got it lol)

    Can anyone help me get info on when it was made? Or where I could purchase one? Thanks in advance!!:amuse:
  2. I know there was a color that looked close to fushia that I think I saw on NM about a yr ago. Only thing was the picture looked pink, but the color name was "Lilac" so I think it was more purple than pink.
  3. ohoh i remembered asking about that in the store a while back. i think it's the cruise line from 2004 or 2005. probably 2005 but i'm not sure.
  4. yes, that's last summer line...it came out otùùtogether with the tourquoise leather!
  5. i have the small shoulder in that pink. the colour is called "orchid pink" and it was from last spring/summer
  6. that pink is def from last summer and I was at the Gucci outlet in Woodbury Commons in NY a few weks ago and they had the totes withe pink trim
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