Fuschia Perfo Cles.....

  1. called 866 VUITTON earlier this week and told me they would call back regarding cles I was interested in. Still no call last night so I called them again, told me SFA in NJ had a few left and took my # for them to call me right back. Fortunately they called and are shipping out today. Don't settle for just one cs rep to search - even if you are told there are no more left in the country - persistance pays.
  2. oh thats awesome! you're so right, persistence does pay off...you'll love it when you get it!
  3. Good for you... Enjoy it.
  4. Congrats!! You are absolutely right about being persistant. I've been calling stores for one too (still haven't found one yet), but every SA I spoke to had something different to say. A couple SAs told me the computer shows none in stock in the entire country, while a couple other SAs have given me a number each to a store saying it shows they have one in stock. (turned out though those stores didn't :sad: ) Its frustrating when everyone you speak to says something different. Anyway, congrats again!! The fuchsia perfo cles is beautiful!
  5. Yay!! That is great news! Enjoy it!
  6. nice! does it happen to be from the riverside sq mall Saks lv??
  7. what's SFA?
  8. Saks Fifth Avenue :yes: