Fuschia ostrich Kelly at Hermes Las Vegas!

  1. Hi everyone ..... I just got back from my Vegas vacation. I couldn't remember if there was someone here that was looking for an ostrich Kelly in Fuschia. I know there is one available at Hermes in Las Vegas. It has palladium hardware, and it's 32 cm. If anyone is interested in it call the Vegas store and ask for Josh and tell him you are a friend of Kathleen's. I passed on it, but I didn't leave empty handed. I got a Bolide in poitron (splg?):shame: with palladium hardware. I also bought two enamel bangle bracelets, a hippo lock, and a bottle of Rose Ikebana. DH bought a pair of gorgeous shoes. I"ll post pics tomorrow. Someone go get that gorgeous Kelly.:P
  2. Way to go KAT!!! Can't wait to see your pics!!!!:nuts:
    How much was ostrich fuschia Kelly????????:drool: :graucho:
  3. Congratulations Kat! Cannot wait to see pics of your new bolide!!! Would love that fuschia ostrich Kelly! They are so gorgeous!
  4. If I remember correctly it was around $13,000.
  5. Whoa... darn it. :Push: ....thanks Kat.

    Would you get a 32cm Fuschia Kelly in Ostrich or 30 cm Fuscha Birkin in Ostich, I can't decide,but, I want to make a decision incase I ever run into either. Anyone?? I LOVE this in the Kelly, I am veering more in this direction, opinions???:shrugs:
  6. I love ostrich in a Kelly! It is so beautiful, and elegant. Of course, I would take a birkin in ostrich in a heartbeat!
  7. Star, I say get whatever you come across first lol!!! Kat - congrats!! You will love the bolide AND the bangles - must post pics!! The bangle is the lightest and most comfy bracelet ever...I have one and want a 2d....what is the leather of the bolide btw?? Congrats!!! Sounds like a great time...
  8. Kat, I forgot this is not a Kelly/ostrich thread (your title, confused me,just now, so sorry)I will post a new thread....CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR NEW POTIRON BOLIDE, BRACELETS>>>>>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My mind wonders easily.....:lol: :noggin:
  9. Ooooooo!! That bag sounds absolutely divine!! I think I might have preferred it in a 28 rather than a 32 (even more lady-like when smaller, IMHO), but if fuschia ostrich is what you're after, I'll bet you can't really go wrong with that kelly!

    [edit] OMG! Sorry, I was mentally blinded by the thought of a fuschia ostrich kelly and forgot to say that I am DYING to see photos of your new potiron bolide ( :love: ) and bracelets! :flowers:
  10. oooohhh.. Kou may want the fuschia ostrich kelly.... congrats on the new bag..
  11. I'd definitely get an ostrich Kelly.
  12. I know what you mean about the bracelets. I already have the elphant one and love it. The two I just bought are in that great Hermes orange. The Bolide is in Togo.
  13. i can't wait to see your bolide. what size? bolide might be my next favorite hermes handbag after kelly.
  14. Would love to see pix of your new potiron bolide. Congrats! That Fuschia Kelly sounds amazing.
  15. Where is Kou ?????

    I bet she will want the kelly !!!

    KOU KOU !!!!!!!!!!