Fuschia or Violet Chevre Bearn?

  1. i want to get a bearn to go with my black box kelly and waiting-to-be blue jean birkin...

    which color bearn would coordinate nicely with both? fuschia or violet chevre?

    thanks in advance for your opinion!
  2. hmmm....I say Violet...

    It will contrast nicely with BJ, but still be reserved/conservative enough to go with Black Box.
  3. I have a Violet Bearn and just bought a turquoise agenda due to the nice color agreement....now that is not quite BJ, but I do think that Violet will also agree beautifully with all the blue-tones, in general.... I have lived with the Violet Bearn for awhile now and hardly a day has past when it has not made me happy to take it out of my bag. Quinn's Mom also has a great point, in that is a slightly subtler shade that will compliment a whole host of colors well. GL with your decision!
  4. Violet!
  5. I Love Both Colors ~ So Much!!!

    I'm Going To Say Violet
  6. I vote for Violet too!
  7. Violet
  8. My vote goes to violet. :heart:
  9. I am partial to brighter colors so will say fuschia! It's easy to see inside your black bag and would be a great contrast against bj.
  10. Fuschia here too! Or rose shocking...
  11. Violet will go best with your bags!
  12. My vote is for fuschia!
  13. Fuchsia, I've seen both and it is more striking :smile: I think a wallet should be fun in that way.
  14. violet
  15. Violet! It is so different.