Fuschia Molly with a little twist

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  1. I added this fob to Molly and just wanted to share the pic - too cute. I cannot wait until the pink wallet arrives next Friday! I haven't been able to use it without a coordinating wallet - I'm weird like that. :P


  2. Great pairing!
  3. Very cute fob!! I really like that bag!!
  4. That's so perfect!
  5. I like that! Very nice.
  6. Very cute!!
  7. Congrats! I had been using my Molly for the last couple weeks straight. I just switched into something different for the weekend. I love her size and style and how easy it is to find stuff inside. I have the Fuchsia slim turnlock wallet & matching wristlet which look fantastic with the Molly as a set.
  8. Looks perfect together! The more I see of this colourblock the more I think I need it!

    Is this a new fob?
  9. No, I think it's quite old - I bought it from someone in one of the purse groups on FB a while ago. I think I saw that Coach is doing a similar one though in one of the threads. . . . how is that dragonfly working out for ya? :smile:
  10. That does look so cute with the fob!
  11. Totally loving it!!!
  12. That fob matches perfectly! It makes that bag even cuter, if that is possible!
  13. The fob is perfect on your Molly! Great pairing!
  14. That is perfect on your bag! So cute!
  15. Thanks everyone - she is cute isn't she!!!