Fuschia Mabel !

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  1. ooooo congrats, im after a small one!
  2. beautiful !
  3. Absolutely gorgeous! I bought one of these too, and have the same reservations about the purse!!
    I actually managed to pick one up in Topshop (of all places!!!!), the fuschia leather is a perfect match! And it was only £30! Everyone (that doesn't know Mulberry super well) just assumes its a matching purse. I mean, I know it's only cheap but I LOVE it.
  4. Buy the purse too!
    The way I look at it, you will use the purse all the time and who doesn't love a pink purse? It will go with other bags and is such a nice colour.
    It seems really substantial too with all the nice hardware.
  5. I like the purse better than the bag. It is a slightly more muted colour and chunkier leather. It seems to be doing very well in my bag, with not the slightest mark after several weeks.
  6. Congrats on this beautiful bag!
  7. Congrats on your purchase,:yahoo: what a yummy colour!! Your going to love using her all year round!

    Im also toying with the idea of getting a magenta purse, possibly in a patent finish. Ooh i need a bit of colour now me thinks!!
  8. what kind of lining does this fuscia mabel have?
  9. Hi there!
    Most likely has the dark brown Mulberry fabric with embossed Mulberry black logo in the fabric. Side pockets most likely have suede in matching colour to the leather.
    But as I'm no expert, if you want to know for sure there are plenty of lovely ladies around who can help out.
    Welcome to the forum ;)