Fuschia Mabel !

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  1. Here she is !

    She is an absolute beauty and I love her ! Half the price of most of my other Mulberrys too ! I have been going off Mulberry a bit lately tbh and was getting slightly begrudging of the prices when they were quite poor with the extras like having to spray them , no pockets for bits and pieces and lack of feet etc But Mabel is fabulous so functional and just the thing to bring a splash of colour into these dull days ! Some people have been a bit taken aback by how bright it is but I love love love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:
  2. Hi, congrats - she is a beauty!
  3. She is beautiful !!! I have the Roxy A4 tote in the same colour , At the moment she is bright but I think by the time spring/summer hits she will fit right in - not that it's stopped me taking her everywhere ! I think she will get better with age too , plus I got caught in the rain the other day and no spot marks - they just dried up and vanished - saves on the collonil !
    Where did you find her ?
  4. Oldbaggage, your new fuschia Mabel is GORGEOUS. Absolutely stunning. Congrats!
  5. Lovely bag, really stunning. :love:
    I have this too in the same colour and really, really love it
  6. I got her online in the Mulberry sale, I wanted a matching purse too but the purse was a different leather so it put me off a bit.
  7. wow she is a beauty!! I LOVE the colour.

    I tend to like classic colours but the Mabel seems to look extra fab in a bold shade agains winter colours and no doubt HOT in the summer.

    The mabel is on my wish list....

    Enjoy your bag :tup:.

  8. I have both the fuschia bag and purse and though they are different leathers and different hardware, I love them!
  9. Me too - they are both utterly divine!
  10. Wow, congrats - another Fuschia owner, this is a really popular bag.

    It looks lovely on you too.
  11. Love the fuchsia! It really is such a cheerful colour to see on someone, especially when it's gray and dreary. Glad you love it!
  12. Its beautiful, congratulations!
  13. Thanks guys ! I am waiting for a day off so I can spend some time with her ! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ! Hmmmmmm maybe I should get the purse then? I have to say the bag scratches really easily though !
  14. Don't worry the scratches fade after a while and add to the character. Enjoy !
  15. Thanks x