fuschia lip gloss/lipstick?

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  1. Did anyone ever wear the MAC fuschia lip gloss or lipstick from the Barbie collection? Or a similar bright fuschia color? What are your opinions on such a bright color lip?
  2. MAC's Pink Poodle lipglass is practically identical to the Malibu Barbie limited edition lipglass you're talking about.

    I have Pink Poodle and I love it.
  3. Thanks! If you use fuschia lipstick, what colors do you use for the rest of your face?
  4. I have Pink Poodle & Malibu Barbie. I think Malibu Barbie is a bit clearer than Pink Poodle & I can sometimes get away with wearing that alone depending on how much eye makeup I'm wearing.

    With Pink Poodle I usually put a nuder gloss on top of it to tone it down a bit. I think some people can carry it off really well on it's own though!
  5. When I think of fuschia lipstick I think of the 80's then cringe. Sorry.