Fuschia Kelly arrives, not sure to get it...

  1. Hello. I received a call from Hermes today that after 1.5 years on the wait list, the fuschia kelly 32 is here and asked me to pick it up. I was shocked (cause I was bored in office) that the bag arrives at this time. On the one hand, I'm happy that it arrives finally :yahoo: On the other, I'm not sure whether to get it or not now. :confused1: I just paid my huge tax last month, yearly insurance this month and a substantial amount for seeing doctor recently and another payment of tax next month.:crybaby: I do not want to spend that much now becoz of the bag.. and DH won't approve me buying such a bag, so I got to do it secretly..

    Also, I asked the SA on the price and she said it's HK$48000, it's lambskin and not scratch easily. Any idea what it is?? I just learn it's not the box one. I'm stuggling whether to at least take a look or not. She'll keep it until Sunday night so I can drop her a visit before attending my friend's wedding banquet. Do you think it's bad if I refues the offer? Will I have a chance to come across her later? :sad:
  2. Congrat on finding one~!!... You should definitely go take a look first.. then decide.. but I am not sure if you can resist after you took a look though.. hehe.. :p
  3. Hi

    It's probably Chevre (or goat). In cantonese, lamb and goat are the same pronunciation? Fuchsia Kellies are often and look best in chevre. It's a stunning bag IMO. You are probably feeling down coz of the financial expenses you had to incur recently. But buying Hermes should be a happy occasion... so go with how you feel. If you are not ready, then don't get it and regret later. I suggest you take a look before deciding...
  4. Sounds like you have a gorgeous Fuschia Chevre (goat) Kelly waiting for you! Only buy the bag though if it won't put too much stress on you financially or otherwise.
  5. archangel, yes, goat and lamb pronunces the same in cantonese (you must be asian..;) ).. So, is this the exact bag that orchids got in another post? Is chevre scratch resistant?
  6. At least take a look at it...I have the chevre Kelly in fuschia and it is absolutely gorgeous...sorry but I can't tell you otherwise. However, I do agree that buying a Kelly should be happy for you...if it's going to stress you out then maybe this isn't the best time. I had to wait awhile for mine if this helps and you still want one later.:confused1:
  7. I must warn you it is going to be beautiful!

    Think of you and only you when deciding...if you love it and if you can afford to indulge...then, I say do it.

    Don't worry about rejecting...you can say no. Don't stress about that!
  8. billbill, my sa told me about this fuschia kelly at the store. i didn't get to take a sneak peek though. i've a fuschia birkin in chevre and i get compliments every time i carry one.

    believe me, this opportunity is rare and may be a very long time be4 you get one again. if you're worried about having paying so many bills & the next tax for nxt mth, when will it be okie?

    let's say you buy the kelly, make a Self-Financial Discipline that you will be on a H PURSE & CLOTHES BAN for the next few mths so as to recoup & save back all the money u had spent on H kelly & bills.
  9. Wow, it sounds wonderful.

    I agree with the others, go look...you've waited 1 1/2 years, you should at least go and check it out.

    However, if it is going to put a huge finanacial stress and possible problems with you husband, than I might be inclined to pass on the bag. You won't enjoy your bag at all if you it comes with "problems".

    Good luck!!
  10. I'm pretty conservative when it comes to money and I think this is a great opportunity - it's so hard to get on the HK waitlists!!

    But, if you cannot pay off the bag in full when you're buying it because of the extra expenses, I would reconsider... stress over money and hiding it in your closet is not worth it IMHO - one of my biggest enjoyments is showing off a new purchase!
  11. Wow at least go and take a look at it (oogling and admiring are both free of charge hehe) and then decide. You've waited 1.5 years for it, may as well go meet your...erm...the Kelly right?
  12. :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  13. billbill, take it!!!!
  14. If you can find a way to splurge on this bag I say go for it. However, if it is going to cause you a hardship I say pass on it. You want to enjoy the bag without worry or regrets.
  15. If anything have a look at it, you've certainly been waiting long enough for it!