Fuschia in Denim Line

  1. Is this being discontinued? I think I'd like a neo Speedy in fuschia but it's not in that color on Vuitton. If I have to go used, I'd like to know.

  2. If you call 866-VUITTON, they can locate one for you. That is how I purchased mine. Good luck!
  3. Oh, and yes, denim fuschia is now discontinued. :yes:
  4. How much would it be, if found by 866-VUITTON somewhere?
  5. Anyone? :smile:

  6. I don't know where you live, here in the USA, the denim neo speedy is $1,450. I hear they are discontinuing most of the original denim lines this July, so hurry up if you want that speedy !!!!
  7. I'm on vacation elsewhere in the world, though I go to college in the US. My bf said he got one on eBay for me, I hoped it was real. He compared it to the authenticity guide on eBay, and it matched perfectly.... He lives in the UK and will mail it to me once I return to the states in August. :smile:
  8. Does this come with 26 or 30 stitches, btw? And a booklet or not?
  9. ^^^ Please ask your bf to take close ups of the front,back,LV heatstamp,date code,zipper pull and behind the pushlock where the screws are. Post them in "authenticate this" as you'll get a faster responds over there.