Fuschia Greasepaint Simples

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  1. Here they are. I'm trying to figure out how to upload pics, so it may take a while!

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  2. yummy i love those
  3. OMG they are sooooo pretty!!!
  4. More pics?

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  5. Very pretty! :nuts:
  6. Last one. At least now you know what I've been talking about.

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  7. WOW gorgeous!!!
  8. I love these!!! Where'd you get them, If you dont mind me asking?
  9. Did you get these in Canada?? They are really something!!
  10. Those are gorgeous! The color is amazing. I really wish the US would get them!
  11. Holt Renfrew. Here in Edmonton, Canada.

  12. :crybaby:i know I'm on a ban, but I love these...
  13. As of Thursday, there was only 1 in a 38 left. Apparently, that order sold quite well across the country (except for the gold shade), and the store has put in another order. Whether it's the same colours that will be arriving at some point in the next few weeks, no one knows. Maybe the other stores across the country have more.

    If it's sunny tomorrow, I'll try another pic. It's a very gloomy, grey day here.
  14. Wow! So pink and sparkly. They look like Barbie shoes. Very eye catching. :tup:
  15. I now want to be Barbie!!