Fuschia, Exotic, BUT Not Shrinkwrapped...

  1. I just couldn't resist this baby when I saw her at the store!!! It was between this baby or the vert anis, but DH said that this color looked nicer in formal outfits and casual ones! It was more versatile he said! WHO KNEW MY DH could give a good opinion! So I snatched this baby right b4 the price hike and as an early V Day gift from DH!! I AM SOOO LUCKY!! BTW, got to put in an SO today!! Hope it goes through! *fingers crossed*:yahoo::yahoo::graucho::graucho:
  2. MG...Are you doing the big striptease??? Where are your pics???
  3. :confused1: :confused1: Pics?
  4. Sorry forgot to attach pics!!! :p:p
    JPG Kelly 01.jpg JPG Kelly 02.jpg
  5. :popcorn: :popcorn:

    And how cute that your DH had such a good opinion to share with you!
    Pics, Pics!!!!!
  6. ohh Grats!!
    Cobalt :smile: I have the same twilly you have in your avatar.
  7. WOW! Moviegirl, she's a stunner! GREAT choice! Just gorgeous! :love: Can't wait to see more pics of her in action!
  8. There it is!!!! Congrats MG on both your bag and SO. Crossing fingers for you.
  9. How fun is that!!!! You look fabulous!!!! Congrats...what a hot pink Valentine's day present!!!
  10. congrats, what a sassy lilttle bag. Pink for Vday how cute
  11. LOVE it!!!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! MG, that's the first lizard JPG Kelly I have seen and taken notice! Nice! Happy early V Day! What a great DH! Always good to bring DHs into H stores. Actually, SAs always say DHs don't have to like or dislike the bags we like, they just have to be good paymasters :lol: :lol: and make their wives happy:boxing:
  13. MG: it was so nice to fondle her with u yesterday at the store....:p

    btw: i'm about to call J right now to request my SO as well!!!
  14. ai! Que bonita!!!!!!

    So purty! I love those little clutchies!
  15. It's a beauty! Congrats!