Fuschia Epi or Vernis magenta Alma

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  1. I need help making a decision. I already have a cyan Alma epi. My sister said not to pick the vernier because of all the LV signs all over. But that shiny leather looks so gorgeous next to the gold hardware. I'm in Waikiki and want to make the purchase today.

    Help me beautiful ladies!
  2. If that Vernis is speaking to you, then go for it! Personally, I love how hard wearing and subtle Epi but, if you've been smitten by the shine of Vernis, that might be the one for you. Who's going to carry the bag? You or your sister?
  3. I was faced with this decision with my last Alma purchase and I went with Epi. However I do think I'm going to get the Vernis as well, I just felt like I should wait a little longer to be sure I really want it so I won't have buyer remorse which I'm easily prone too.

    However since you already have Epi then now it's time for Vernis. So go for it!
  4. Go for the Vernis! I have to go to the Waikiki LV this weekend and I like how they are much friendlier than the LV at Ala Moana. Enjoy!!
  5. +1 Vernis! For me vernis more durable than epi
  6. Vernis, doesn't mean you can't get something in Epi at a later date!
  7. I agree
  8. I think they are both gorgeous. I have an Epi and a Vernis Alma BB and I love them both. Get the one you love Most!
  9. I have a vernis alma and brea and some vernis slg's...I found my slg's have held up well, I use my cles daily in my bag and with all the other items in there it has no marks or scuffs. I don't own any epi bags, for some reason...I had an EE alma pm and ended up selling it.....get what you want because you'll be the one using it!!!
  10. They are both gorgeous but it seems like you are drawn to vernis. You should go for it! You already have an epi anyway. The vernis magenta color may also not be there for long compared to the epi fuchsia. You can get this later :graucho:. I was in the same predicament about a year ago, I went with the vernis seasonal color first.
  11. Ladies thank you so much for the advice. So sorry I'm late with my response. Post Cacau decompression... I went with the vernis:yahoo::party:

    Will post pictures soon.
  12. Looking forward to seeing the pics!
  13. Epi
    Vernis harder to maintain thru my experiences