Fuschia Bayswater - Real???

  1. sorry im no good at authenticating but i love the bag, my vanilla bayswaters getting delivered toady, i love the pink tho :smile:
  2. Oh please be careful. People who have paid for real Mulberry bags don't start their bidding at £0.99. Fuscia is already being faked like crazy. His feedback shows that he sells lots of bags which is a suspicious factor.

    I wouldn't buy a Mulberry on eBay unless the person has a good and non-stock photos, a photo of a receipt, very good feedback and is selling / has sold a range of other high end goods.

    Go and read one of the eBay reviews about Mulberry fakes. Start with the one by Goober1473 who is on a campaign against fake bags. She is a darling and will email you a copy if you want one too.

    To summarize - I would tend to be very wary of anything fashionable and starting under £100 without a reserve (vintage bags an exception) and still be suspicious of all bags starting under £200. Look at the seller's location. If it is near one of the Mulberry factory outlets and the bag is a middling price, they may be OK.

    Fake Mulberry is one of the worst eBay rackets!
  3. I think the patent bayswater looks suspicious as does the black patent one and the oak smithfield that the same seller sold recently. The interior tags have slightly rounded edges when they are generally (but not always) sharp.

    However, I do not agree with the generalisations made by Jenova. I do think that one has to be cautious when buying on ebay of course, but there are a number of sellers of genuine Mulberry items that start at 99p with no reserve. They will either be quite sure of the price it is going to acheive or will have taken a business decision to start at that price, hoping that it will encourage more bids. It can be a risky strategy, but it can be fruitful, and the selling fees are also quite a lot less than having reserves.

    Also, I have not read all the reviews, or indeed the review to which you refer, but some of the ones I have read, are giving inaccurate information.
  4. I haven't seen anything like it - but the colour sure is FAB.:heart:
  5. OK - I am going to stop looking at and contributing to the Mulberry forum from now on, as I am really worried for a lot of the people who are posting to and reading it.
  6. I agree with Jazzyjay , there are sellers who are selling geuine items but start at low price , they are confident at the prices they are likely to realise . There also some excellent sellers who put reserves , its a personal choice of what works best for each individual seller . But i don't like the look of the patent one !
  7. Thanks for all your help with this. I decided aginst bidding for it as I think a black bayswater may be a bit more classy! I have bought two Mulberry bags on ebay, a Blenheim and an Emmy and got great prices and genuine bags. There are many fakes there too but you just need to be careful I guess!
  8. Hello everyone and thanks for the glowing praise ;) LOL.
    Goober1473 reporting for duty !!:tup::tup:
    I can't believe it's taken me so long to get on here, but here I am - how lovely you're all helping in the fight against fake! How impressive your knowledge is too.
    My collection is still impressive, I'm currently weighing up a Mabel but I just can't make my mind up.
    I'm happy to help wherever I can :smile:
    I've also been speaking to a lovely lady at Mulberry recently who is veryyyy keen to find out about fake sellers, so please feel free to forward me seller names and item id's and I'll pass them on !!
    Kind Regards, Sarah.
  9. Goober I see your listings and drool :drool::drool:;):tup:

    You seem to have a very impressive mulberry collection!
  10. Thanks :smile: I do. But it's MUCH diminished of late!
    I've been snapping up some Chloe and Balenciaga in the Selfridges sale though :smile: