Fuschia anything???

  1. Hi! I am desperate for a pair of CL's in fuschia---I am in love with this shade!! I love the Lady Gres Mary Kate has but anything similar would satisfy. Does anyone know where I can find them??? Or if its even possible?

  2. The Castillana came out in fuschia. There are some on eBay for about retail.
  3. Can get Rolandos in suede fuschia - have seen them on eBay.
  4. I saw some fuschia moody blue at Barneys Coop. In chevy chase MD.
  5. I've seen the Simple Pumps in metallic fuchsia here in Hong Kong...
  6. Wow thanks for all the replies! I actually saw some of the Lady Gres in Fuschia on eBay, but they were a 36.5 and I am a US 8 :crybaby:

    I saw the suede fuschia Rolandos on ebay and almost got them, but I knew they wouldn't fit as they were a size 38, and I am more of a 39 in Rolandos. Instead I went with my second choice, patent red......But I am still longing for the fuschia:love:

    I really like the look of the fuschia in suede though, how about these? Has anyone seen the yoyo's available in fuschia lately?

  7. Those are going to be might hard to find! They are TDF though...
  8. Well, I just found these on ebay, not fuschia but bordeaux.....kind of close, don't know if I want to go for it though.:confused1:

    [​IMG] definitely tempting....
  9. the yoyo in fuschia was available around 2 years ago...
  10. Saks has a pink (close to fuschia) in Simples???