Fury over paedophile`s sentence

  1. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/skynews/20070625/tuk-fury-over-pathetic-sentence-for-chil-45dbed5.html

    "Keith Fenn, 24, was given concurrent two-year and 18-month jail sentences at Oxford Crown Court by judge Hall for two attacks on the girl in a park.
    Because of the amount of time he has already spent in prison awaiting sentence, Fenn, a window cleaner, could be free in a few months."

    "Judge Hall has hit the headlines before. In February he gave a paedophile a suspended sentence for a sex attack on a young girl and told the offender to buy his victim "a nice new bike"."

    Its not only about resentencing that man with a punishment that he really deserves ...but it makes me think - how is it possible that this judge is still working and sentencing similar cases ? He deserves to be fired on the spot! sometimes i miss medieval times where an angry crowd would sort him ( both of them ) with a few heavy stones thrown in the right direction ! :cursing:
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  2. A Nice New Bike??? Are you kidding me? What is that judge smoking?

    A man sexually abusing a child is WRONG and he should be PUNISHED!
  3. I was so so angry when I read this story this morning. It is just incredulous. This judge actually said the girl was asking for it, as she wore crop tops and a thong. She was 10 YEARS OLD :crybaby:

    I dont care if she walked around naked, this sick b*****rd is still completely at fault :cursing:

    I wonder how the judge would feel if it was his daughter/granddaughter who was raped twice, and then saw her perpetrator given 4 months. Its completely because this poor girl is in a care/foster home, its almost like she is being treated as a second class citizen and I am truly disgusted by it
  4. I only had one ear on the news this evening as I was getting tea ready - It said that she had told him she was 16! I know children look older these days but surely a 10yr old could never be mistaken for 16, if not in looks then in attitude/language/phraseology/terminology and just general conversation.
  5. '

    The judge said the girl was ASKING FOR IT??


    No young girl wants to be raped by a sick pervert who deserves to be locked up!

    This makes me so sick.
  6. ^^ I can't believe he actually said that.
  7. Absolutely disgusting, that judge should be lynched! The cheek of him to tell that monster to buy the victim a brand new bike, it beggars belief!
  8. Totally disgusted when I read that this morning. And this is what happens when a case gets to court. There are many more of these sick b'stards that are never even brought to trial.

    I hope he gets the kicking he deserves in prison.
  9. Disgusting judge.
  10. It sickens me that these kind of people are let go...they should NEVER be released.
  11. Sounds to me like the judge is a pedophile himself. They should both be locked up.
  12. :wtf:

    I completely agree on both points!!

  13. I agree 100% its been proven that they cannot be cured. Even when castrated they molest with objects :cursing: it makes me extra angry for the judge to make those comments :mad::censor: where is the justice for this child and her family? ugh!