further reductions on nm.com

  1. check your bookmarks Ladies! Many of the Chloes have been reduced...
  2. ooohh...so tempting!

  3. Wah! I ordered the Tekla in black the other week. I wish I had gotten it for that price. :sad:

    What color did you get titania?
  4. You should contact NM and see about getting a price adjustment, another tPFer just posted that she got a price adjustment.
  5. YAY! Thanks for the heads up! I was going to place an order last night but I'm glad I didn't! Does anybody know if they will take any further reductions? I'm wondering if I should wait until they make final cuts...
  6. Chocolate! I went by Neiman's during lunch and actually saw the bag. It's stunning, but I don't know if I'm going to keep it. It's just so soft, I'll be afraid for it all the time. If you got yours so recently, maybe you can get a price adjustment?
  7. The tekla is GORGEOUS and super soft; however, I bit too big for me. It would be nice to have as a travel bag, only if the leather wasn't so buttery soft... wouldn't want to ruin it, esp since I truly put my bags thru much "abuse"! :s:p
  8. I think this is the last cut, and then the stuff gets sent over to the outlets.