Further reductions at the outlets...

  1. I posted this in sales/deals/finds but just in case anyone misses it:

    I don't know, quoting my own thread :nogood:

    Nothing for me this time but is anyone else after anything?
  2. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Dont tell me this Ditab! :crybaby::cry:

    Ive got a house move to pay for next month and now all I want to do is phone up the outlet and buy new bags... *Not listening smilie* :nogood::blah::whistle:
  3. Apparently (dont quote me on this!) the bottle green Araline is down to £97 at Shepton Mallet so theres a bargain for someone! (not me as I already have 4 araline's!)
  4. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo! A bottle green araline you say? Is it washed or normal nappa do you know? :shame::idea::hrmm:
  5. Do you know whether the bottle green araline is £97 now, or is it from the 20th October?
  6. I think it's washed nappa - the same as the claret.
  7. I cant believe Im actually considering it!
  8. Sounds gorgeous, but no I must be strong and save for my black Bayswater.

  9. It was £97 when my pal was there which was last week! God I must be mad, I'm even considering it myself! I keep thinking I want a Rosemary so may have to consider this 20th October discount thing.............:nuts:
  10. The rosemary is fab (Im a bit biased), I think you should consider it, what colour would you get?

    I think Ive managed to talk myself out of the araline. I have two already, and I really wanted to get another bag in the new year, which I wouldnt be able to if I opt for the araline. I think what I *really* want is a blenheim anyway.
  11. I'd get a chocolate one! What colour is yours? How much does it hold? I have 2 kids so I need something a bit roomy!
  12. Can you believe that I was actually considering the Rosemary, having previously stated quite clearly that I'd never get one as it's too small for me :rolleyes: But £247 for the black, minus my £147 credit note - £100!!

    But, no, it really is too small for me so I'm going to wait. They haven't got any Roxannes, unfortunately :tdown:
  13. Mines Oak, it holds everything I need to carry around, but then I dont have any children, so usually I only carry around a purse, makeup bag, umbrella, phone, tablets...maybe gloves in winter... keys - actually it holds quite a lot really for its size, as its quite 'boxy'. I guess it depends how much your planning on putting in it orkney?
  14. Erm, mobile, keys, wallet, baby wipes, carton of juice, few nappies, raisins,............
  15. I was in York and was so tempted by the oak roasemary even though I have one in black- must resist!