Further reductions at JCMadison!

  1. Use this code for extra 20% off. :yahoo:
  2. thanks! I just purchased a Biasa hobo :smile:
  3. You're welcome-hope that you enjoy it!:yes:
  4. Thanks, I might snag that bulga bag
  5. bought it!

  6. ^^ wow thats gorgeous! Congrats :yes: ! I have been eyeing them since last year but I kinda changed my mind.

    This is what I purchased yesterday: Biasia Object of Desire Kenia

  7. I've been eyeing it for a while and kept going back and forth on whether to get but then Jcmadison had the extra 20% on sale items so i went for it. congrats to you too J0y3, nice Biasa! let me know how it is in person.
  8. Hey Baby K-great color Bulga-I have a similar one in teal and I really love it-I know that you'll like yours, too. The only think that it lacked was a dust bag...I called Shellie at Karizma and she told me that they didn't come with one. Guess I'll have to use a pillow case or sew one.:balloon:
  9. JNH14, really.. no dust bag??? Hmm...that's odd. Which Bulga bag do you have? I have another Bulga bag (purchase from NM) and that has a dust bag. I wonder if this one from JCmadison will have one. I hope so!

  10. I bought it back in October from Karizma Boutique-maybe it was an older one as I got it pretty cheaply. I know they are a very legit site, too.:yes:
  11. oh karizma is definitely legit. i'm just wondering if mine will have a dust bag since i believe that bag is an older style as well.
  12. Very pretty bag, BabyK! Enjoy.
  13. boo its telling me that discount thing expired,,, wasnt that just 2 days ago
  14. sorry slush... the discount was only for 2/13-2/14 (for valentines?). but Jcmadison occasionally comes out w/ discount codes for sales items so keep checking.
  15. Awww sorry Bessie!!! :sad:

    If the item you wanted is not on sale, you can use the code "grechen" for an extra 20% off. Hope that helps!