Further Fairification

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  1. FYI - spotted in Prada on 5th Avenue - 3 versions of Fairy scarves. One was a perfect match for the fairy bags, the other was a slightly different pattern and the last was a gorgeous multicolor version that is designed to match the foldable tote bag that is exclusive to department stores (there's one of those bags posted on eBay, already water damaged for your convenience). Price was $420.

    They won't run but they're silk, so they can stain.

  2. I see the foldable bag :wtf:... it's up to US $3,299.00 ... what the....? was there another one for 420? or did the seller raise the price?? :confused1: confuzzlement.
  3. Don't be confuzzled. The scarf is $420. The stained, damaged bag is $3200.
  4. haha, I think I did read your post too fast. Just saw the pics and wow, that is one damaged bag...! :Pthx!
  5. That's also some nerve. The bag retails for $1800. Saks is expecting a shipment any day now. How that person has the gall to try to sell a very damaged bag for nearly double retail is beyond me. Well, undamaged ones should soon appear on eBay.

    At any rate, the scarves were gorgeous.

    And there were also these totes that resembed the Vuitton Neverfull in hot pink and lilac nylon. I have got to stay out of Prada!!!
  6. anyone have pics of the scarves
  7. I've been trying to get my cat to sit still long enough to model the one I bought but she's being shy.
  8. Oh get your kitty to model, I am dying to see that! Thanks for the info, Prada is a dangeous place!
  9. I can't find the damaged bag on e-bay. Would have loved to see how bad it was and if anybody actually bid on it.
  10. Ugh! That is so bad. I didn't look at all the close ups before. That is bad! It is one thing to have the water damage happen to your bag, but to pay big $ for a damaged bag is insane!

    I am surprised that the dark leather has the same issues with water as the orig. white fairy.
  11. YUCK! Talk about water stain!!!! It looks like they dropped it in a river!!!!
  12. ^^^Seriously!
  13. oooh...any luck with the scarf pics? I might have to console myself with some scarves.
  14. well, the auction for the stained bag is over and yep... no takers!