Further confessions of handbagahholic!

  1. So I've still not gone for anything in the sales.....yet but I ordered a few things off evil bay and thought I'd share :smile:


    Let's start with the box that contains 2 things :smile:


    From no pouches to two! Really like the size and can see why so many people are drawn to the valentines line! I'd love a clutch

    Secondly a bag that I've not see very often on resale sites but I'm glad I persisted on bidding with this one
    And won!!
  2. Evil bay not so evil for you!! Love the pouches especially scribbly floral - I wondered if it could be used as a make up bag. And the sbs sooo envious, gorgeous!
  3. Wow, what gorgeous buys handbagaholic! The pouches are great - snap on the scribble pouch; mine still looks as good as new and I've had it for a year & a half. Enjoy all your fab buys & love the title of the thread :giggles:

  4. Thank you :smile: haha no I've learnt to be cautious! the scribbly actually came from a TPFer :smile: and the cookie bays is something I've looked for for quite some time. Read your thread Gracie have you decided to send willow back? What did you think of the size?
  5. AHHHHH I WANT THAT COOKIE IM SO JEALOUS!!!! LOL congrats :biggrin: that's a great find !!

  6. Thanks Ria :smile: so pleased to have the bays, it's good to hear the scribbly will hold its own :smile: haha I'm going to have to start numbering them soon :smile:

  7. There's one on NPN at the mo that I had my eye on before this find :smile:

  8. It's too big for my sadly I'm looking for a small one :sad: but I was naughty and bought something during the sale ahahaha
  9. Yup, willow is going back, it seemed quite big to me, bu then I'm used to smaller bags.
  10. Lovely buys, love the Valentine's pouch especially - such a gorgeous shade of red and the little hearts are so cute! We are scribbly floral pouch twins - like Ria I've had mine for quite a while and it is still as good as new :smile: enjoy your lovely new trio!

  11. There's a sbs in cream on eBay :smile:

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  12. I've just got back from the post office with this...any guesses ImageUploadedByPurseForum1405008863.082314.jpg

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  13. No idea... But im excited to see quick quick im here!
  14. oooooh it's the medium lily!!!

  15. Ah cobalt blue that was an amazing guess :smile: ImageUploadedByPurseForum1405010229.419272.jpg here she is medium lily in deer brown :smile:

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