Furstenberg Fakes

  1. Is it just me, or is there a scary number of fake DVF dresses on ebay???

    I have been searching for the Julian in Sundial (that mysteriously disappeared from the DVF website but thats a whole other matter!) & in 9 pages of UK ebay under Furstenberg, I found 2 authentic ones?????

    all of a sudden fake DVFs are everywhere! What the heck is going on??? Why now? Its so bad that I'm petrified to buy one I know is real just incase its a really good fake!

    :censor: fakers!:hysteric:
  2. Wow! I have sold a few of my worn DVF dresses on Ebay and had been shocked by how much money they sold for! So I guess I can see how fakes would be lucrative... that's terrible, though.
  3. tons of fake dvf on ebay...as well as rebecca taylor, cynthia steffe, nanette lepore, chloe, marni, prada, abs...
  4. i'm curious what gives the dvf dresses away as fakes

    also thanks for the heads up

  5. That's one way to tell that it's real... the bids are always high for the wrap dresses. even above retail for the vintage ones. I just checked out ebay.. yea some of them are questionable. :wtf: you can tell though which ones are questionable if you wear DVF.
  6. simply put....supply and demand. I'd love to buy designer on Ebay, but this is the very reason I don't -- the prevalance of fakes. It's so difficult to discern what's real and what isn't.
  7. Yeah, there is a LOT of fakes especially from Hong Kong or China..
  8. ^^^^^^ewww :yucky: I seen those when i was looking on ebay
  9. I'm glad I read this thread. DVF dresses are among my favorites. I have two- and love to wear them esp. to work- they are so comfortable and flattering! I had been looking on ebay lately at some as well...but not anymore. I just don't want to take the chance.:wondering
  10. there is a dvf seller called hello_boutique on ebay......Lisa is her name, and she sells only genuine dvf........on her auction pages, she has a link to "how to spot a fake dvf" - great reading if you purchase dvf online:yes:
  11. Her dvf dresses are definately authentic but I find her prices are too high considering half of the dresses she is selling are already on sale at NM or Saks

  12. A lof of the time you can just tell by the picture, the material of the dress will look off, don't ever trust a stock picture either. If the seller does not show a pic of the actual dress I won't even considering it as I assume it is a fake

  13. hi!
    Kristie ! Thanks! I was going to ask about Hello_Boutique! Yeah, her prices are high, but if you just gotta have that dress...... sigh!

    I've seen some truely, truely shocking fakes. where the pics of the dress being sold differs greatly & noticeably from the pic they've 'borrowed' from Saks!
  14. I hope you ladies realize that not only are there dvf fakes, but (and I'm talking about clothing) chloe, marni, sonia rykiel, loads of marc jacobs, jill stuart, anna sui even!.. and the list goes on. It's a lucrative job, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it.
  15. yeah, I know! its really bad. some of the explanations they give! shhesh! 'It may be different from the originial XXXX Product that is because our is a factory second/sample item etc' what a load of twallop!

    I just posted about DVF cos I was particularly miffed that day I'd been looking for a sold out dress & all I could find were cheap nast fakes :sad: