Furs...yay or nay????

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  1. I have a dual opinion on this subject....

    I would never wear Mink or whatever other exotics, if those animals are primary slaughtered for the sake of wearing them...

    But with certain items like leather or even rabbit fur....since we comsume meat and that is our primary reason for slaughter, I dont feel bad about wanting a fur coat made from these paricular animals...

    What do you guys think?? Should one principle of "killing" an animal for meat, be different or the same as the principle for fur???
  2. You should do a search. This has been discussed AD NAUSEUM in the wardrobe subforum.
  3. Furs should be left where they belong - on a living animal.

    I own pet chinchillas and we also have a rabbit. I'm wholeheartedly against furs. The amount of chinchillas that are used to make one fur coat is disgusting. And how they go about getting the fur off of them is not necessarily the nicest act, either. I honestly can't stand it when I see big movie stars or rappers wearing huge chinchilla fur coats. Makes me want to cry when I think about it. Once you see a chinchilla's cute face, you won't want to wear them!

    That being said... I guess I don't feel so bad about cow leather because I eat the cow too. I don't eat chinchillas, so why should I have their skin? I have my own and sweatshirts will do just fine to keep me warm. Perhaps I contradict myself but once you own a pet who is wanted primarily for its fur, you kinda change your mind. (just my two cents...)
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