Furs? What does everyone have?

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  1. I know its summer and this is the furthest from our minds, but when cold weather comes..what do you like to wrap yourself in?
  2. I don't like fur. Most of my winter accessories are made of wool and casmere.
  3. love it /no use for it just when travelling to colder destinations but looove blonde sable, chinchilla and of course black and white mink :love: ah and also trimmed mink :love: the only thing i do not like is karakul lamb it gives me the creeps to know how it is done :wtf: ( iknow it is hypocratic no need to tell me)
  4. During the winter my all around fav is my moncler jacket. It protects me from the wind and looks sooo cute on!
    dreamjacket-7.jpg dreamjacket-8.jpg
  5. I dont like or wear it either. My winter is the same as yours: wool or cashmere, although I prefer cashmere more.
  6. Sorry, fur is O-U-T- for me!
  7. so un-pc, but i loooooove fur. i don't have any now but don't have a use for them either (my lifestyle doesn't really call for fur :smile:) my mom has a couple of my gram's stoles that i can (and have) borrowed when the occaision calls for them. one's mink, the other's fox, and there's one with really fluffy white feathers. my mom had the one mink coat made into teddy bears for us granddaughters after gram died. love them.

    i cannot look at a chinchilla without thinking what a beautiful coat it would make. :shame:
  8. I own a few fur as well as sheepskin jackets.:yes: You have to in Canada!:nuts:
  9. Fake fur for me only, don't like real fur:yucky:
    I like gilets - thye're great cos they keep you warm, but not tooooo warm, so when you're shopping, they're perfect:yes:
  10. I have a fabulous mink cape wich is totally TDF! I love Jennifer Lopez's fur collection, she has some amazing pieces.
  11. erm, my dogs where the fur when we go out.
    I like wool, cashmere, anything that does not kill animals is good for me :sad:
  12. I have a mahogany mink scarf and matching earmuffs. They're the only thing that's kept the Wisconsin chill off me.
  13. I only have one..a vintage full length raccoon. I also have a silver fox wrap.
  14. so your bags are not leather?
  15. My hot Irish husband baby!:graucho:
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