1. Does anyone have any good experiences to share about any furniture places - online or otherwise?

    I'm in the market for a new bedroom set..I'm looking for something white - not necessarily "shabby chic," but it's gotta be white, and I need a desk and chair, dresser and armoire.
  2. I can't remember if they had anything white...but I just bought a bedroom set at Thomasville and really liked my experience.

    I'd thought I decided on a set at Ethan Allen that I'd been wishing for for a year now...but I couldn't make myself buy it. I was out shopping with a friend and we went into Ethan Allen so I could show her. Then when we walked out Thomasville was across the way...I made a comment about how I loved their ads but they were too expensive (based on when I previously had looked they didn't have price I assumed that meant they were really high!). My friend said they were reasonable and good quality so we went in. I fell in love immediately...and there was a sale going on...and a special financing I went for it.

    My designer was fabulous! She spent a ton of time with me and was really patient while I was trying to decide which pieces I wanted. She called me later that week to thank me for coming in and make sure I knew how delivery would work. Thomasville actually makes everything when you order and then they have a company bring it up from North Carolina and do the delivery and set up. Oh...and the price was comparable pieces to what I was looking at at for $4000 less than what I would have spent at EA.

    It was maybe 3 weeks later I got the call to schedule delivery. The guys were great....there were a couple of little problems with the stuff..but nothing I should refuse delivery on. They made notes of it and told me to call the store the next day. When I called the store they'd already talked to the delivery guys and opened the work order. Then two days after that my designer called me apologizing for the problems and telling me how much fund she had with me and was so upset when she saw I had some stuff that needed to be taken care of. She made more calls and I had a repair guy at my house 2 days later and the few problems I had are totally invisible now.

    So....I'd definitely buy from Thomasville again.
  3. I liked Storehouse, they're also on the expensive side though. The website is doing something funky, so I can't check store locations:

    Here is a tip that I learned the hard way (in case you didn't know), when the SA tells you the furniture is made of hardwood, it doesn't mean the wood is hard. Hardwood just means the tree is broad-leaved, so you have to ask for furniture made of wood that is difficult to dent and scratch, such as oak.
  4. Definitely not Shabby Chic, but fabulous: Design Within Reach.

    Sophisticated but affordable.
  5. I have had good luck with Ethan Allen furniture. They have a few different lines from conservative to a teensy bit modern. I bought some white furniture for a spare bedroom from them last winter. Not shabby chic at all....just simple, classic lines.
  6. Ooh, DWR is one of my absolute favorites. I practically froth at the mouth when I look through their catalogues.

    If you're looking for more affordable options, try CB2 or West Elm.
  7. Also try Room & Board. And Crate & Barrel has furniture too.
  8. I am in the UK and I love Bo Concept, most of our furniture is from there.
  9. well, Pottery Barn is still a favorite of mine. I just don't like having to assemble it.
  10. Pottery Barn and Ethan Allen are some of my faves!
  11. i know i'm biased when i say this, but consider Restoration Hardware! (i work there. lol). we have lifetime warranty on all our pieces against manufacturer defects, etc. all our prices in the store (aka: items not catalog & web only) include home delivery and shipping charges = and that means they'll deliver it, unpack it, assemble it, place it where you need or want it to be, and remove all packing materials/trash.

    all of our bedroom furniture is made of solid wood, and varies from maple wood for the Camden collection, mahogany for the Palladian collection, cherry for the Marston, Turner and Portman* collections. Most all our bedroom furniture is made in Northern California, with the exception of a few.

    *Portman: i'd stray away from this collection, from an insider's note: it's made in vietnam and we've had endless problems with a handful of customers about the quality control of the collection. sigh.

    other than the portman, we have furniture medics that can come out to your home and see if they can fix your furniture if something falls off or is broken, etc. if they can't fix it, we'll replace the entire item for you for free!

    right now, bedroom furniture is on sale until the 22nd of the month! also if you can wait, we have a Friends & Family event in November - the weekend before Thanksgiving - where you save 20% on all purchases not currently on sale -- and that weekend is where people buy the most living, bedroom, dining, and bath furniture EVER.

    i'm not trying to sell to you any specific collection or give you prices, you can go to the website and see what you like.. keep in mind the prices on the web differ from prices in store, because the site doesn't include shipping (you have to add it on, 10% over $200), but you end up saving a lot more in the store than online (if it's not a catalog & web only collection).
  12. If you're low on cash...try
  13. I have loads of stuff from Room & Board. I"m a big fan. And then we recently bought some stuff from Crate & Barrel and so far that has been fine for us. Not expensive, and you can return it (usually) which is a nice option to have sometimes!
  14. I was just going to suggest Restoration Hardware! I've bought tons of stuff from there, but never furniture, although I have always admired it.

    The store in Columbia Mall has a few pieces and it is very sturdy and well-made. I can't recall seeing anything finished in white, but the dark color on display is gorgeous.
  15. Being somewhat in the biz, (freelance designer), if you are going to spend a good amount on a bedroom set, make sure it is solid wood.

    I love pottery barn and crate and barrel- a majority of their furniture is made with composite (MDF). For example, in your case, if you got a dresser from pottery barn, the top and sides and bottom would be out of wood, but the drawers would be made out of composite. Or veneers over composite. Composite dents easliy and does not hold up over time.

    I suggest looking at Thomasville, Restoration Hardware, West Elm, and Room and Board. In addition, I see you are from NY. If you are near the city, I would check out ABC Carpet and Home. It's high end, but they have great stuff!

    Let us know what you decide!