1. Hi there everyone! I was curious what type of fabric on sofas, chairs..etc..would you reccomend getting when you have kitties with claws? We are about to move into our first place and want nice furniture...but we want very durable furniture for spills or if the cats try to claw at the furniture. Thanks!:heart:
  2. A cat will scratch any fabric if that cat chooses/wants to... Just have a lot of scratching posts that are made by cardboard and/or sisal post around. We have 5 cats, and no one has scratched any of my furniture (7 years). But I have lots of cardboard scratchers. One girl likes to scratch the carpet, but she does not destroy it.
  3. wow really! thats awesome...yeah I was planning on having scratchers all around the house...they love their scratchers now..but they are made of carpet and are very messy!
  4. Yeah, try the cardboard ones and see if they like those. They are fairly inexpensive. We have carpeted cat trees all over the house, too, so some like to kick-shred those. If your cats have not destroyed your furnitures now, they might not start a new habit. BUT you never know... All our furnitures are IKEA brand because we have lots of cats and if they happen to do something, we won't get stressed out about it:p
  5. I've never shopped at IKEA before...maybe I should check it out! Our kitties live in our 3 car garage...which we don't use as a garage...we use as a kitty room lol. But we are taking them with us when we move into our house...they have never been on carpet or been around furniture...hopefully it all works out!
  6. Cat scratching posts are good. I also keep nails trimmed, well I just clip that sharp point at the end.
    I would not recommend any type of loop rug either!
    Also a wrung out sponge works wonders on getting cat hair off of the sofa, fabrics, etc.
  7. ^ Thanks! Thats a great tip! I'll have to remember that one!
  8. My cats have a scratching post, but they do like to have a go at the furniture and rugs now and again. I think there's some kind of spray you can get from the pet store that deters their clawing the furniture.

    Good luck!
  9. Ah yes! I have some of that only it's for pee! lol:yes:
  10. I started a thread a while back about my dog digging at my sofa. It's all torn up. I know for sure that if you get a sofa with a patterned stripe to it it will easily get torn up!
  11. Metal furniture is pretty much the only type kitties cannot destroy. I would post a pic of my living room but I am too ashamed of the stuffing hanging out of the sofa and love seat. As my DH says, "You can't have anything nice when you have cats, because CATS RUIN EVERYTHING". And I wouldn't trade 'em for all the $$$ in the world!
  12. Skinny, this has been on my mind too. My bf & I are buying all our new furniture this summer, replacing old hand me downs, and with 3 cats, it is a huge concern to spend thousands just to have them ruin it! I think we've decided to get the same sofa our friends have, it is a slipcovered sofa and you can order additional slip covers, so I figured that was good to have it cleaned of the fur and also if they ruin one we can keep a second one on hand. For anything made with wood, rub it down with a lemon scented furniture oil. That is what my vet advised... it keeps them away from scratching, but you have to remember to reapply it like once a week so the scent doesn't wear off. I would assume you could spray a lemon scent onto furniture you don't want them on, like maybe lemon water? Or a lemon spray? Apparently they hate the smell.
  13. My cats (knock on wood) have never scratched my furniture and I have all leather. I guess I am lucky!
  14. I'm not a cat person, but my daughter is. I'm not sure where she gets these, but there are these little plastic sheaths that you can get to put on the cat's claws that will prevent them from shredding things. It doesn't interfere with any of the normal reasons a cat needs its claws, but keeps them from tearing things up. I'm thinking a vet has to put them on, but I can ask her if you're interested. You can also have your cat's claws trimmed by your vet or a groomer that works with cats and that will take the edge off them. If you cat will allow you, you can even trim them yourself but get a vet or groomer to show you how and what tool you need.

    Hope that helps.
  15. They're called Soft Claws and they have a website. Its sort of cute, you can get colored ones so it looks like they have a manicure!

    You don't have to go to the vet for them if you're comfortable trimming your cats claws, but you have to trip them and get the tips on it seems like it would be a two person project.

    I had asked my vet about them last year and she said they're worth a try for anyone, but not guaranteed to work and that they often fall off. I guess it depends on the cats, and it is probably worth a try for anyone. I honestly sort of forgot about that option, thanks Prada.