Furniture stores/websites LIKE Ikea?

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  1. Are there any similiarly super-inexpensive furniture stores or website?

    I plan to blow a small fortune (for me, at least) on one really gorgeous piece at Design Within Reach. Haven't decided yet but the rest of my furniture needs to be cheap.

    Thank you!
  2. It's not quite as cheap as IKEA, but there's West Elm
  3. Try :smile: I love their furnitures there.

    My husband and I furnished both our homes from here. :smile: It's in the Bay Area but I think they may have suggestions on other similar furniture shops in other cities.
  5. CB2, which is the lesser priced version of Crate & Barrel.

    What are you getting at DWR? Do tell!
  6. would you consider craigslist? i know it sounds sketchy, but i have found wonderful pieces...pottery barn, restoration hardware, ethan allen

    so many people purchase furniture, then move or change their style....if you have a little can get some great stuff.

    i bought an entire Pottery barn Bedford Desk system (2 corner desks, 1 rectangular desk) 6 matching file cabinets and wall system....for $1000!!!
    i added it all up, and the total would have been well over $3000 on the website, and it was exactly the desk system i wanted for our office.

    you have to pay cash, and haul it...but the time and money saved is soo worth it!
  7. ^^^
    guccimamma, I totally would if I had a car! It's just not cost-effective for me to rent a car for a few days in an attempt to collect furniture as I find it... I doubt I'll find everything I want on Craigslist at one go while I can have a car for one day. It may be good for some smaller items I can just pick up and take home in a cab with me.

    And you're right, there are definitely some good deals on craigslist... and also some astonishingly bad ones, like people who charge near retail for a 5 year old Pottery Barn couch -- who do you think you're fooling? LOL I actually got rid of all my furniture in college by listing it for free on ebay. People came and hauled it away and it was great!
  8. whoops, yes a car is mandatory...we have a mini-van (still pains me to say it)
    but every weekend i find something (last week it was a teak patio set)

    my husband keeps joking that he is going to need a truck soon.

    but i give stuff away all the time too. boy there are some weirdos out there that come, but some very nice people.

    i swear i am not some crazy junk collector!!!:yes:
  9. They don't really have a lot of furniture per say, but the container store reminds me a lot of IKEA. They have some great, cheap stuff.

    The Container Store
  10. With the popping of the housing bubble a lot of people are finding out that it's cheaper to sell your furniture than it is to have it moved. Now is a great time to buy. Craigslist has already been mentioned, look for local sales and ret a truck from Home Depot or Lowes for a couple of hours if you don't have a truck of your own. IKEA, isn't that the Swedish word for particle board?
  11. We've gotten some great pieces from have to assemble yourself, but for the price and low shipping, it was worth it!!! :tup: