Furniture shopping/decorating need tips please!!

  1. My fiance and I have started furniture shopping. I'm a little overwhelmed. So far we've liked some things at Baker Furniture and antique stores. One problem is we have slightly different styles. I would like some sort of elegant 30s/40s inspired pad, mirrors, chrome, padded furniture and a chaise lounge. I also have several Persian rugs already. And he likes leather, leather, leather, and Missoni furniture.

    Any tips for merging styles? Or buying furniture? I'm nervous about spending such big $$ and then not liking something or getting sick of it.

    Oh and he has this couch, any way to get a cute coffee table and end tables and make it more 30s/40s glam or should I get a different couch for that look.


    Here is something I like


  2. Oh and what sort of budget to set? I have no idea. We're decorating for a 2/2 with very little that we want to keep.
  3. I'm not sure where you are located. Is the Baker you are talking about, have the stately homes line?
    Do not be afraid to ask for a discount, especially now. I've asked for 40% & got it. Depends on how much you are buying. 30% should be very easy to get.
    You do have to be careful buying cause most will not let you change your mind. Or if they do they'll charge a very hefty restocking fee. I found spending the money to fly somewhere to see a piece has saved me in the long run.
    I have received pieces that a decorator ordered that immediately went to a consignment shop. If you have furniture consignments shops in your area, check them out.
    I am in the middle of buying several pieces of furniture right now. Its fun & its stressful.
    If you are looking a leather sofa, please check out the Hancock & Moore line. You can pay more for a leather sofa but you can not exceed the the quality of H&M. They have maybe 100 types to pick from & a few hundred types of leather. We just ordered the "Manor" tufted which has the glam look.
  4. ^^

    Thanks so much for the tip on bargaining - I had no idea!

    I haven't seen the stately homes line in person yet. The stores we've been to haven't carried it, more Barbara Barry and some of the other Baker lines. The stately homes line is very nice though!

    Thanks for the tip for the leather couch! I looked at their website and the quality looks great. My fiance just bought a leather couch from Restoration Hardware about 2 years ago, so we'll probably hold on to that for now, since we have the rest of the house (practically) to buy. We are looking (maybe) for some leather chairs.

    Also, I'll check out consignment stores, but I haven't found any good ones in the area yet.

    I'm hoping that if I just buy what I love it will all work out.
  5. If you buy what you love it'll work out!
    Be ready to walk if they won't give a discount. The markup on furniture is unbelievable.