Furniture for office/spare bedroom


Nov 29, 2006
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We just bought a house and we're looking to convert one of the rooms into a guest room/office. I work part-time from home and need it to be a pretty functional office. The room isn't too too big (I forget the dimension off the top of my head)... but I was thinking something like this for a bed:

It pulls out to give more room, but for most of the time when it's not in use, it doesn't take up too much space. Any other 'smart' furniture stores we should look at? I'm thinking small space furniture stores may be our best bet?
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Apr 21, 2006
What about a Murphy bed? These typically come with additional storage, which is always great to have in a home office space. A few people I know have put them in either home offices or children's playrooms and they look and work great.


Jan 20, 2012
I saw this desk/bookcase at crate and barrel the other day and I thought it was great:

The problem with a Murphy bed is that you lose wall space and it takes up depth in a small room, plus you need to keep the floor space free. I like the day bed idea better, or maybe a trundle bed if you need more sleeping space, or you could use an air bed for guests. I would want a day bed with tall sides that I could sit on like a sofa or chaise with my feet up and use the tablet or laptop at times I don't feel liie sitting at a desk.

Even if you work at a laptop, you might want desk space to prop up a tablet, phone and/or papers. I use multiple devices when I work so I can see more things at once.

Think about what you want to look at on short breaks. For example, you might want to have a work location where it's easy to look out a window rather than stare at a wall. Or a comfortable chair in a place with more natural light.

Ikea is really good for finding shallow wall storage, especially covered wall storage which comes in handy.


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Oct 12, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Ethan Allen has pull out sofas that utilize an air mattress instead a smoothed folded mattress. We used our for the first time this weekend. It's in our library so it's a comfy reading spot and cute place to sleep. It's only a twin size though since we gave a queen bed in the guest room, but I'm sure they have larger options.