Furniture Cost < One Purse's Cost

  1. I got myself a nice little one bedroom apartment in Chicago in the Lincoln Park neighbhorhood. I went out and got the basics: bed, sofa, coffee table, lamps, dishes, etc. Naturally, being a post-college yuppie, I went to Ikea ("Like so many of my generation, I succombed so the Ikea nesting instincy." - Fight Club) I was a little appalled at the expense of furnishing my little apartment, but I laughed when I realized that all of that cost less than the Chanel bag I was carrying.

    Does this ever happy to you? You talk at the cost of something, but it's considerably more "reasonable" than a $1K+ bag?

    P.S. Come visit me in Chicago! I have a sofa-bed! :wlae:
  2. I know excatly what you mean..

    i wanted to go and get some stuff for teh apartment to make it more homey. and i hesitated.. nad i was like what the hell.. this i hesitate over.. and then other stuff i go crazy for.. AHHA its soo ridculous..
  3. I totally know what you mean. My parents' house is going to undergo some remodeling and renovation. We're doing lots of re-painting and reworking the entire kitchen, the entire flooring, the fireplace as well as the entire fence. The total is going to come to at least $5000 and I was horrified. Then I realized that I've bought bags that cost over $12000:upsidedown:

    I love Chicago!:love: I was there for 4.5 years, the weather was hellish though:sweatdrop: ... I miss my university:crybaby:
  4. I know what you mean. That's why I have hestitated buying more bags that's over $500. My bags still add up to a ridiculous amount of $ but I'd feel even worse with a more expensive bag. That's just how I am though cause I know some ladies won't bat an eye at it and that's because they have a different mindset than me (I can't justify the purcahse like they can or something).
  5. I do this constantly. I hate paying for necessities so I'm a total cheapskate. But for pretty things, I will pay much more than rent for one dress, a pair of shoes, etc.
  6. I was in my aunt's house and she was all my table cost 700 and I was thinking "Oh my Gosh, my Alma cost more than her table." :nuts:
  7. Lol, I hate Ikea... so imagine the sticker shock I feel when I buy furniture from the nicer places :P my friends were always like I could get an entire apartment furnished for what you just paid for a couch! It is sort of funny what we all place a value on though. I guess we each have our own limits for what we'll splurge on and what we won't! It is sort of weird to think that my balenciaga costs more than what some people spent to furnish their places!

    Glad you found a apt you like in Chicago! Hope your move went smoothly! Now brace yourself for the winter weather that is coming up :smile: Hopefully it won't be too bad this year.
  8. Oh congrats about your new place! My parents just changed all the dors in our house, and with everything the total was like 2,000 or so, and I kept thinking, wow, with that I would have bought a Louis Vuitton bag, or something else!
  9. I can totally relate! I have adopted a don't ask don't tell policy around my friends (other than the one who shares the same bag obsession as me) because I often get the "You know, your bag costs more than my monthly rent!" type comments.

    Congrats on your new place!
  10. LOL IntlSet! Happens to me as well!!

    Congrats on the new furniture, though!! I bet your apartment looks great!
  11. Heehee...happens all the time. A few weeks ago, I bought a Balenciaga wallet and bag for $1500 and realized it costs more than my monthly mortgage ($1050)!! :lol:
  12. Yeah it's funny how a bag seems totally worth the money but things like furniture just seem way too expensive!! lol

    I bought a 32 inch LCD tv yesterday for less than what my Batignolles Horizontal cost and I was thinking "jeez that's expensive for a tv!!"
  13. I totally understand...we've been doing some house remodeling and have to get some new furniture. We have 3 dogs and a teenager, so we won't be getting the expensive stuff, just something that's comfy and easy to take care of. I did some research just this morning, and it was a bit of a shock to realize that I can get 2 sofas and a loveseat at Ikea for less than my most recent Chloe!
  14. I know exactly what you mean! I've been looking at getting a puppy for a while and I keep looking in the paper etc...and seeing that puppies are priced anywhere from $500-$1500. I was complaining about what a ridiculous price that is for a puppy, until I realized that I have several bags that are in that price range. :lol:

    I also went clothes shopping one day and almost had a heartattack when my bill in one store came to $600. I don't usually spend that much on clothes because I somehow manage to wreck most of them. Then I realized that the purse I was carrying cost more than that. :Push:
  15. Haha.. that's too cute, I always think the same way when I look at Ikea's things.