Furminator..the wonder tool

  1. Hi ladies!!
    As a long coat dog owner (two very fuzzy Ausrtralian shepherds) I am constantly battling dog hair all over the house(carpets, clothes, cars). Well this week I received a furminator which is basically a brush that removes all the undercoat. I had little hope for this tool since I've spent so much money on brushes to reduce shedding.
    However this tool did the job, after 15 minutes of brushing I could not believe how much loose hair came off of Max. I will take pictures to show you the results it was amazing.
    And the best thing is I did a test run and rubbed a wool coat over him to see if I would get fur stuck and my coat...and to my surprise there was no fur stuck to my coat..:wtf: Very Very impressed
    Do any of you own the furminator?
  2. LOL! I have not even heard of this, but it sounds like it does the job. I wanna see the pics!!:lol:
  3. I will make sure i take some pics!
  4. LOL what a great name!!

    I am so glad it is working well for you and your pups:smile:
  5. Cool!!!
  6. Oh, I've heard of this, I'll definitely get one now! I think they're available on hsn.com.
  7. I got mine on ebay. I got an awesome deal on it...definitely much cheaper than at the pet store.
  8. I have two English labradors and even though they have short hair, they still shed a lot. My husband and I picked up the Furminator at PetSmart and we absolutely love it! I am amazed how much excess fur it takes off the dogs. It is a little pricey but absolutely worth it- you will never need to buy another dog brush again.
  9. I took this picture after I furminated Max our 60 lbs Aussie Shepherd. It took me 10 minutes to get this pile of fur which would normally take me about 30 minutes with the regular brush.
  10. lol^ that's awesome!! I'm convinced its a good product.
  11. I used my friend's Furminator and was shocked. But I was worried that I was taking too much off. Does it have blades in it? I was worried it wasn't just taking off the undercoat but shaving some off as well. But it was amazing to see so much fur come off. I was using it for over 10 minutes and fur was still coming out.

    Does it ever finish in one sitting, that was what I was worried about. I would love to know.... thanks!
  12. Well I checked with a local groomer that uses the furminator products and she said that the Furminator doesn't shave off the top coat. The first few times you use the tool you see tons of hair coming out because regular grooming tools don't remove all the dead hair as efficiently. However the more you use the tool the less hair you'll see. She did mention that you shouldn't furminate the dogs every day, maybe every other week.

    Eventhough the tool has blades, I've noticed that it seems to work with the static created with brushing and it seems to help the loose undercoat come to the surface. But this is just a guess..

    I know with my Max his undercoat is a different colour than his topcoat, so usually when I furminate him I'll get a huge pile of white/gray hair; his top coat is black. With Porsche is a different story because she's all black and her undercoat is black too.

    Does it ever finish in one sitting?? LOL!! I wish, no matter how fuzzy they are it is a never ending task, however I have noticed that there is less pet hair stuck to the carpets .
  13. I use Furminator Shampoo and Conditioner on my short haired chihuahua, it really seems to reduce shedding a lot. I also feed her Furminator treats to reduce shedding.
  14. This might be a really dumb question - but can you use this on cats? I have a long haired siamese and as much as I love black clothes, I really don't wear too much of it anymore because of all the white hairs.
  15. Yes you can use it on cats too...maybe your cat will like it more than my dogs.
    They seem to recognize all words related to the furminator....it's a signal to run and hide!