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  1. I've liked this bag for a while but never saw it "distressed" like this. What do you guys think?

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    (I know what you guys are thinking,,,"BUY A WHITE BAG ALREADY!")
  2. Lol yes! Buy a white bag girl! :P If you like it get it. Personally, I like it too. It looks a little slouchy but square (at least the bottom frame) at the same time.
  3. I like it. I have it in the white. Is it the same size as the regular Farrah? If so, it's a BIG bag.
  4. 16 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H x 6 1/2"D
  5. I've seen it IRL, it's leather, mock croc and snakeskin. It's cute, but I personally preferred the all leather one.
  6. yeah me too. I went ahead and ordered this one. (applause) I can always return it if I totally hate it.
  7. I like my white one. Not sure if mine is bigger than that...I think it's around 18" wide by 12" high. It's the one they gave to the Golden Globes attendees.
  8. I have been trying to get ahold of that one! There were 2 auctions on E-Bay but the reserve was not met. I went to the furla site and they only had the smaller one.:sad2:
  9. very cute
  10. I don't know if we trust raffaello-network.com (based on other threads this still seems undecided) but I did see the white and navy furla farrah there today.
  11. There is a new Furla store where I live you might want to try it...it is really unique and beautiful!

  12. :sad: I live in Los Angeles though.
  13. They can send it to you!!! Give them a call...
  14. oH! thanks, I will!
  15. The pics that Raffaello Network has of the Furla are a bit misleading. They do look authentic, but the bag is much more slouchy than it appears in their photos. Here are pics of my bag. The fourth image is the closest to how the bag *really* looks (unless you stuff it full).:smile:

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