1. Newbie here! First, let me say, I had NO IDEA that there were other people with a purse fetish! And some here make me look tame........

    FURLA - impressions?
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  2. I have the Furla "Freda" bag and really love it. I like the simplicity of their designs and so far the quality seems to be pretty good.
  3. Furla...for me, it's either a hit or miss with the bags they have. Sometimes I think they are great, other times, not so much. But in terms of quality...I must say that I like what they offer!
  4. I only have one Furla bag,but I love the look of all the other ones!! Before I started my bag addiction, I had seen furla bags around and thought they were really pretty (but overpriced, for what I would pay back then!)

    From my impression, the bags have really nice, soft leather, are pretty well made, and pretty sturdy.
  5. i like them! i don't have any...but they're affordable and durable i would say. i love the soft leather ones that have Furla engraved in the leather. HOT!
  6. I have a Furla that my husby got from London and it's really nice. It's winter white, a good size and the handle has a small chain detail. I've seen that bag here in the states too. Very clean, classy, and understated.
  7. I had seen one at Saks and really liked it. I had ordered a Cole Haan from Bluefly, didnt like it, so I returned it. I went ahead today and ordered the Furla Lucrezia in black....
    Cole Haan is nice but the interiors are identical on EVERY purse they have. This one has a center zip which I like....

    I REALLY dont need to come to this site - this could make what I thought was an addiction turn into a MONSTER!!!!:yes:
  8. I have several Furla bags. Love that they're made in Italy and not too expensive. The leather is incredible. I don't baby my bags and I used my chocolate brown one for a winter and it still looks in mint condition.
  9. I bought one 2 years ago when I was visiting Rome. I've taken it all over with me and it's held up really well! Some of their bags aren't my taste but you can't go wrong with their simple, classic leather bags.
  10. I bought one years ago from Nordstrom's, but had to return it after wearing it for a few days. It was a very lovely bag, & the leather was superb. The style of that particular bag (a huge tote) just didn't suit my needs.
  11. I love Furla-bags. The quality you get for the prices you pay for Furla is definately worth it!
  12. I LOVE Furla. I have the croc-embossed Yolande and it's simply divine. Such a trendy yet classy bag. Right now, I'm looking into getting a patent leather Elisabeth hobo.

    The quality, styles and price definitely make it a thumbs up for me.
  13. It's nice to hear reviews of this brand. I have been eyeing the Yolande for a long time. I didn't go with it, because I didn't know much about the brand.
  14. I love Furla leather, but some of the bags are much bigger in real life than they appear online. I guess that's my only complaint. :smile:
  15. I love my Elisabeth hobo! It is the perfect squooshy bag.