1. Hi! I am thinking about buying a Furla bag, does anyone have an experience with or opinions on this brand? The bags are adorable, I just do not know that much about the company.

    Thanks! :yes:
  2. Furla makes a lot of great quality bags at a reasonable price. I have one from several years ago that has held up beautifully.
  3. I have a white Furla bag with the metal chain links on the strap. It's a really cute bag and they're not that expensive. The leather is very good quality, I would get another one.
  4. Check out other threads about Furla. I have said it before on other threads: Furla is a fabulous brand at an excellent, even decent price. I don't understand why more women don't wear them. Maybe they are too calm...don't have a lot of stuff going on. The Furla outlets are a great place to buy, and even more so when the outlet has a sale. I don't own a Furla, but I plan to, real soon. I am tired of the super expensive bags... I'm downscaling in my expenses -- and will be very happy with my Furlas...
  5. I have quite a few Furlas and I love them all. I also buy their wallets which are also great. I've had some of my Furlas for over 5 years and they still look brand new. The leather is quite resistant to scratching and is so easy to clean. I like that they always looked so polished and professional for work. They are more classic than trendy, but if you want bags that will last that is what you want. If you get them on sale they are an excellent bargain.
  6. My boss is very stylish and professional, yet very colorful. She wears Furla bags almost exclusively and they always look great. She says she likes the quality of their leathers and the fact that the name isn't plastered all over the bag...the low-key factor.
  7. I think they are a little more popular in Europe than they are in the US, and I agree that the workmanship is beautiful. They are quite affordable, too. :smile:
  8. I have two Furla bags and love them. One is a metallic evening bag that magically goes with every outfit in my closet. The other bag is a lovely, understated tote I use professionally. As the others have said: classic styling and quality materials -- and they cost less than better known designer brands.
  9. Yes I started my Furla collection when I lived in Europe. My first one was given to me by my husband as a wedding present (definitely married the right one there!).
  10. which bag(s) are u interested in? post pics!!
  11. I am a little biased, I wanted to get the new halfmoonshaped black one, but seing it IRL it the leather didnt look too nice maybe it was because the glazed croc looks kind of "cheap" don't know but I really love their styles very clear and elegant.
  12. I have a Furla bag and highly, highly recommend it... beautiful, supple leather and durable lining inside. I love that it's reasonably priced, too!
  13. Furla is one of my favorite brands, for the quality, beautiful Italian design and of course the prices!
    I got this in Rome airport last night![​IMG]
  14. i own 2 Furla and love them, the leather is excellent. maybe their style is very classic, but you can wear them 5+ years and you'lle always get compliments!
    if you're searching for some deals try www.yoox.com, they sell Furla at good prices, and in January and July they have sales too
  15. I think they are, along with Basia, one of the most overlooked brands - they're terrific, highly recommended.