Furla - Thoughts & Help??

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  1. Hi Everyone!
    I recently fell in LOVE with this handbag from Furla:
    Elisabeth BB61 in Cipria

    Good summer bag?? Good experience buying Furla products/dealing with Furla SAs??

    Which is conveniently 30% off! Now, I live in Toronto & there is a Furla here, which I have yet to go to. I was wondering if anyone knew if the Canadian prices were vastly higher than the US ones, & if it would be worth my while to wait and purchase it in August when I am in the US.

    If I do get it in the US, what stores sell Furla?? I'll be in Boston & I don't think theres an actual Furla store there.

    Thanks in advance for any help/advice!!!
  2. I have two Elisabeths, one in orange leather and one in cobalt blue nylon. I love them both! Depending on the color, the style of the bag is seasonless. Furla makes the Elisabeth every season, as far as I know.

    It seems odd to some people that they would put woven fabric straps on leather bags but it is just so Italian, and it works.

    I have dealt with the Furla boutique in Chicago (we don't have one in DC) over the phone and they are quite wonderful. Some Nordstrom stores carry Furla.
  3. I realy recommend the Furla boutique in Chicago ( Lincoln Park)...just call them ..they are great!!!