Furla. The Coach bag of Europe & Asia?

  1. I went to a Furla store and was told that it's the Coach bag of Europe and Asia. Anyone have any information on this brand of handbag?
  2. I have 1 Furla bag.

    I wouldn't put it in the same category as Coach. I think it is better than Coach.
  3. they don't seem to be very popular here. I was thinking about getting one as an everyday bag, but I'm not sure yet. I hear they're very durable.
  4. I went to the Furla outlet in Westbury. I like the shapes, but there was usually something that just made it "not it" for me...usually color, material, the way it hangs, etc. They have a huge selection though.
  5. I agree that Furla is maybe "better" than Coach. Here in Europe they are quite popular, and quite price too. I have only one Furla wallet, but my mom has many of their bags. I think they are a bit similar to Longchamp leather bags. Or maybe a cheaper version of Mulberry.

    Leather is very good quality and they really are very durable :tup: but to me their designs are maybe too "boring". Or I mean, maybe better for little bit older woman. My mom wears lots of jacket suits etc. and Furla bags are great with formal look :yes:
  6. Wow, total apples and oranges IMO! We've actually got a Furla boutique here in downtown Seattle and while the bags are gorgeous they're at the same time a little on the blah side for me....hard to explain.
  7. I went to a Furla outlet and the sales person grabbed a white leather bag, opened a can of diet coke and poured it on the bag. Then he wiped it off, let it dry and you couldn't tell that anything happened to the bag. I was shocked. That's why I'm trying to get more information about them...especially from people who have used them or know someone who has them.

    I also agree that their styles tend to be a tad bit boring.
  8. ^^ wow, what a demo with the diet coke!

    These are the bags I really, truly WANT to love, but ehhh, just can't bring myself to get one. A big sigh of relief for my wallet!
  9. I have a basic black one(600$) that was a gift to me last year. I wear it out ever so often.
  10. I'm not a Furla fan, too. I ordered large Farrah bag from the Costco's huge sale this winter but returned it because of its so-so appearance. BTW, Costco still have some Furlas for good prices.
  11. furla is very popular here in europe, especially in italy. it think they are very well made but i wouldn't compare them to coach.
  12. I think their bags are very classic (so I understand that some might find some of the bags "boring"), and the quality is not bad at all. I'd say a bit better than the Longchamp leather bags (I own one Furla bag at the moment, I used to have a second one, but I sold it a year ago or so)
  13. I have the Furla medium Farrah in black suede with lizard stamped trim and handles and I absolutely love it. It hangs well and is very roomy. I have only had it since Dec and am currently not using it because it's summer but it has held up well so far. While some styles may seem a bit older some of them are younger looking, IMO (I'm 21).
  14. I own 2 Furla bags and I love them both. One is a black tote and is the first designer bag I bought 5 years ago, and it's still serving me well and has more years to go. The other one is white and I use it less but get many compliments about her. It's 3 years old and the leather is still perfect.
    You can see both in my collection.
    I can see why they look boring for some women, their design is very classy, but I think that in that way you can wear your Furla for almost 10 years, and believe me they're durable.
  15. I agree they are very classy. And I prefer classy over what is HOT now.