Furla repairs/refurbishing?

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  1. Does anyone know if Furla offers such services? I have a bag that could use some TLC. Thanks.
  2. UPDATE - I just called them and they do. Bring into any store or send to their Orlando store (which is the store that answers their 800 number). The SA I talked to was very helpful and seemed so enthusiastic about it!
  3. Jelly- I just sent a bag back to one of the NYC stores for repair.
    I wasn't happy with how it came back, but I still paid the $40 they charged. They sent it to a repair shop in NYC. The leather they used to replace a strap on my bag didn't even match the existing leather.

    However, if you are just looking for a refurbishment, I'm sure you are fine....
  4. Ooh, that's discouraging! I am going to NYC this month so I think I'll just bring it with me and talk to them about exactly what they can do. Thanks for the info!