Furla Outlets - Good prices? What did you see?

  1. Hi all. I'm curious about the amount of discounts at the Furla outlets. I'm also curious about the selection. I want to make sure it's worth the trip and traffic. Do you have any info to share? If it's not worth the drive, I'll have to keep stalking my favorite TJ's for a Greta.
  2. The prices always just seem OK to me... the selection really depends on when you go and how picked over the store is.
  3. I have been to the Furla outlet at Woodbury on various occasions. There is always a good selection. But sometimes, like last February -- there was an AMAZING selection. The prices in the February sale were AMAZING. But the rest of the year, the prices are very good. I think it is worth the trip at any time of year. But if you can find out when they are having a real sale, then you might even be happier.
  4. I went to the Furla outlet in Ft. Lauderdale over Thanksgiving and they had incredible prices on beautiful bags! Up to 75% off! I like Furla bags because of their simple design and nice leather. Haven't bought on yet. I almost bought some on sale as holiday gifts.

    It probably depends what time of year you are shopping as to bargains to be had.