Furla on sale?

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  1. Has anyone seen any Furla on sale or discount codes?:confused1:

  2. Furlausa.com have a couple of their Dharla bags on sale:

    Furla USA

    But if you want a deal on a wider range of Furla items, I just bought a bag from Raffaello network:

    Furla Handbags

    Their prices were significantly cheaper than I could find them anywhere else. By a couple hundred dollars! :wtf:
    Not sure why that is, and I'm not complaining. I posted a thread here on the weekend asking if it was a legit site and a few members said that they bought stuff from them and it seemed kosher, so I'm crossing my fingers that this deal isn't too good to be true. :rolleyes:

  3. Thanks, Jade! I will check them out!:P
  4. Thanks for the lead. Have you heard anything about Costco carrying fakes? I thought someone had posted something about them possibly having some.:confused1:
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