Furla Metropolis mini: calling all owners

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  1. Hello everyone!
    I've recently been eyeing this little gem, but I have a couple of doubts that hopefully you could help me with before making the purchase:
    -Is the chain strap comfortable if worn for extended periods of time?
    -What about wear and tear? Do the bags keep their shape well, is the leather softening excessively etc.?
    -If you got it in lighter colours, did you experience any colour transfer? {I've been eyeing Magnolia, personally}

    If any of you would be so kind to help me, I'd be forever grateful. Thank you in advance. =]
  2. Hello [emoji112] I just purchased a Metropolis Mini in Viola, a stunning bright purple [emoji171]

    - I wore it yesterday and had no problem whatsoever with the string. However, it might be a bit uncomfortable in summer when you wear it on bare shoulders I suppose.

    - I own another Furla Bag and the leather is really high quality! No loss of shape or excessive softening. The Metropolis Mini is really stable and well made - I think it will last you many years.

    - The shop assistant told me the leather is treated in a specific way, somehow coated - so you don't have to fear color transfer.

    I would say go for it, you won't regret it [emoji6]
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  3. Hello Louphelia, thank you so much for taking the time to reply! I googled some pictures and viola looks like a beautiful colour- congrats! =]

    I'm glad it's comfortable over clothes- and I see your point over bare shoulders, that could be worth testing out, as I personally see it as more of a summer bag {am I the only one carryng less stuff around in the summer? =D}.

    Ohhh, you have another Furla! Is it made from the same leather as this one?

    I had no clue it was treated- that's wonderful news!

    Again, your help was precious!
  4. You're welcome - always happy to help when it comes to bag decisions [emoji6] and thank you so much! I just fell for the color [emoji7]

    I bought the Metropolis in order to have a chic little purse for going out - I'm not sure whether I can manage to wear it when going shopping or something like that - I'm a fan of big bags [emoji6] however, I'll try. Because the color is so much fun, I can really imagine wearing it in the summer.

    No, my other Furla bag is made of another leather and it's ostrich embossed. I have bought it like 2,5 years ago and it still looks brand new. Italian leathergoods are really the best in my opinion, never had a problem with one of those so far.

    I'm looking forward to your decision and which color you'll pick for your Metropolis [emoji6]
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  5. Hello!

    I recently purchased a Furla Metropolis in Arancio, and I love it!!

    I've been wearing it non stop for the past week, during the day, and it's super comfortable and fits a lot more than I was expecting, without bulging (iphone, cardholder, tissues, lipstick, gum, car and house keys and hand sanitizer)!
    One of the days I wore it over bare shoulders for a few hours and while it doesn't hurt at all (I didn't even change shoulders), unfortunately it marks your skin, which is to be expected, but I mean whatever right?, it's comfortable, we change the bag around, it looks amazing and doesn't hurt, for me it's a win!

    The other thing is, I'm 5'5'' and the chain is the perfect length - I admit I was worried about it, since it's non ajustable, so you should go and try it in store, if you're planning to order it online, that's what I did!

    As for colours, I was eyeing the Sabbia (greyish one) and a friend of mine has it, and said there was colour transfer... she sent it back to Furla, and is waiting on they're answer now, but from what I searched on the internet, it's not supposed to happen!

    I hope this helps you!


    PS.: sorry for any spelling mistakes!
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  6. Can you guys post pics of your Metropolis? I'm interested in the bigger sizes though.
  7. I can see why! Which colours do you plan on pairing it with?

    Ahhh, I see- it IS small, so the downsizing struggle is real with this cutie, especially if one is used to big bags! I used to be like that too, but for the past couple of years I've been taking a more minimalistic approach to my bags' contents- I personally haven't regretted it and have never found myself wanting something I left at home. Of course, though, it's all down to one's life and needs! I would also get the Metropolis mini mostly for fun events and summery afternoons- hence the light colours!

    I definitely believe your bag looks brand new- I inherited a Furla camera bag from my mom {bought in the 80s, mind you} and, considering she doesn't take care of her bags AT ALL {it's been kept for decades in a closet without a dustbag, poor thing!} it still looks very good! I polished it up and have been wearing it lately. =D The quality with Italian leathers is often there- and I like supporting a local brand too {I'm Italian myself!}.

    I'll definitely let you know once I manage to get to the Furla store! Thanks again.

    Such a fun colour! Google pictures makes it look like a very warm based red, though from the name I'd have guessed it being straight up orange!

    Thank you so much for telling me what fits in it- it does sound like we carry similar items, so it definitely helps! It's great to know the chain is comfortable enough for extended wear- and yes, the marking is not pleasant, but it is indeed to be expected- I'm sure it will be the case for me as well {patent leather marks me as well...}

    I'm definitely planning on going to the store whenever I can- unfortunately it's not too close to me- but then again I don't think I'll be getting the bag until the next sale. {I just bought two!} About the chain strap- some people state you can safely double it up if it needs be, which is likely what I'll end up doing when not wearing it crossbody, as I'm fairly petite myself.

    That's awful! Did she get colour transfer with jeans or...? Definitely keep us updated about whatever reply she gets from Furla if you can!

    Thank you for your input! {No worries- your spelling was perfect!}

    As Anitalilac said, any pictures you ladies want to share are more than welcome!
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  8. Hello smokeandmirrors :smile: i am on the same boat and woundering if you made up your mind and got one :smile: yesterday i tried one in their store for the first time.. i was in a rush so i didnt take time to try stuffing it and then test its comfort level. But my initial thought: i love how it looks, the leather is lovely, it doesnt make me slimmer :sad: i am prego now and i find structured minis now scream my wieght more :sad: (am a bit overweight to begin with).., mmm what else.. i find the chain strap is a bit shorter than my liking for a cross body. Torn between solid colors design and those with interchangeable flaps :smile:
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  9. Hello there!
    Unfortunately I have not been able to see this beauty in person yet- the Furla shop close to me apparently closed down, so it's going to be a while before I'll be able to go to another one. The Metropolis Mini is definitely still on my wish list, though, so if anyone else wants to chime in and offer their insight, they're more than welcome!

    I'm really glad you did manage to try it on in the store and that you liked the leather. =] I'm sure structured minis look better on you than you think- we always tend to be overly critical of our appearance! I personally think I'd have the opposite problem with the length of the strap {I'm quite petite}, but if I remember correctly, the strap can be detached and one would likely be able to use a longer/shorter chain one, according to their needs. What colours are you looking into? I've also been wondering about the interchangeable flaps...
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  10. Thank you for your kind reply :hbeat:
    I myself am 160 cm.. so i guess i am petit in some cultures :biggrin: there is the factor though that i am used to longer cross straps :noworry:
    I couldnt really identify the colors i saw with their names.. but from online pics i can see myself with: magnolia, acera, noce b or petalo.
    Then there is the interchangeable: A white base with a champagne flap :girlsigh:
    Its sad that they closed around you..:frown: the branch i went to was low in colors variety.. so i would wait till i get a chance to check the other branch we have :yes:
    You know i came to know about this bag only a few days ago from a youtuber i follow.. she had the noce b (i believe thats the color) as givaway in the end of her video and i fell in love with it :heart:
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  11. I have the Metropolis Mini in Agave (a greenish grey colour). The leather is very nice and seems sturdy I can't imagine it losing shape). Unfortunately though I find the chain a little uncomfortable for a prolonged period. I really minimise what I put in it because of the weight (phone, keys, card holder only), although plenty more belongings would fit. The chain might not bother others though.
    I'm quite petite (5'2) and find the chain length and size of the bag perfect. I would prefer it with a leather strap though.
    Acero is a beautiful colour.
  12. I recently posted my metropolis on the thread "What handbag are you carrying today?" I bought this cutie last year and really enjoy wearing it, especially when I'm with my young son. This bag is so carefree!
    Mine is with the changeable flap.

  13. Indeed i forcee myself having discomfort from the chain though i never owned a bag with chains. :hrmm:
    Thank you for your input :flowers:
  14. Lovely combination dear it reminds me of milk chocolates and strawberries..:love: thank you for the pic :heart:
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  15. Thank you for yours!

    We're of similar heights then! I see you're into light/neutral colours- my personal favourite thus far is Magnolia and possibly Acero too. As far as the interchangeable ones go, I like a pinkish base still with one of their flower themed flaps {that apparently I can't find on their site though?}.

    I agree, but luckily I do have another Furla store in town, I just have to get around to actually going there. Since I just got another bag, I've tried not to rush into this. Maybe when summer sales are on? {If there are any, I have no clue.}

    I also watched that video- I routinely look for Metropolis mini reviews on YT too. The Pochette Metis in Empriente is quite lovely, isn't it? To think I was never a fan of the Monogram version...

    Thank you so much for your input! Good to know that the leather seems to be keeping its shape- is it similar to saffiano? It somewhat resembles it when I look at pictures online.

    That's what I fear about the chain...have you though about maybe replacing the chain strap with one of those part chain/part leather ones that are quite popular nowadays {à la Boy bag, pretty much}? Maybe that could make it more comfortable... Does it still bother you if you have layers on- say, a coat, a cardigan?

    What a lovely colour combo! I see it really does fit quite a lot for a small bag- I take the chain doesn't bother you? Any wear and tear issues at all? Thank you again!
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