Furla & Libaire

  1. Just curious as to what people know about these two purse labels? All I know is that Furla is made in Italy, Libaire is a San Francisco-based American company.
  2. I'm a huge FURLA fan! The bag in my Avatar (with my darling Scottie, Callie, from the PF's pets & purses photo contest) is a bag from the 2006 spring/summer line. I first discovered the brand on a trip to Rome several years ago (there's a fabulous store at the bottom of the Spanish Steps). The bags are designed and made in Italy. The lines are clean, the quality is generally excellent and (the best part) the price point is reasonable. Hope that helps.:flowers: :flowers:

    I can't speak about the other brand you mentioned.
  3. ^^ I have Furla wallet that I love, it's lasted well and the leather has held up well.
  4. Furla is really good quality and well-made. You can find a huge variety of out of season stuff from yoox.com...
  5. 2nd all the Furla recs. They are comparable in quality to much higher-priced lines, but are generally much more affordable, IMHO.
  6. I have a couple of Furlas. My current favorite is the Spring Indigo E/W Satchel. I'm not at my main computer so I can't post a pic right now, but it's kind of slouchy so it's the best of both worlds (for me). The quality of the leather is excellent -- a nice pebbled leather. I have to say that all my Furlas are nicely made and durable.
  7. ive never heard of any of them.. GO CANDA.. hah.. or just go me.. i feel so out of the loop! haha
  8. I have 9 Libaire bags and ADORE them. They are soft, and pebbled. They are made in Berkley, CA www.libaire.net Most are fairly casual looking and they are noted for having lots of inside and outside pockets. Some are lined and some are not. I think Nordstrom's sells them. If you order online, they will do some custominzing for you, like making the strap longer or shorter, lining or unling a bag. email them first to find out things not stated in listing. Bags are all leather, no vinyl and I just noticed that one (special edition is fabric/leather).
  9. I think I've made my love for Furla very apparant on this forum. I LOVE their bags. I just received my Yolande today and I am officially in love. :biggrin:

    They have a lot of awesome bags. The Furla Elisabeth is the bag I'm most coveting right now.
  10. I know I have a Furla in my future. I'm downscaling my purchasing habits -- I have LV, Burberry, Celine, Mulberry, Gryson, Fendi...and it is not that I'm disenchanted or anything...but...so what? I've always thought Furla was a really cool European brand and the price point makes tremendous sense, especially when they're on sale. Also, there's a great Furla outlet at Woodbury Common. So, enjoy your Furlas ladies. They are truly a handbag lovers' handbag.
  11. Digging up an old thread, but I'm crazy for Libaire! I have gone through 2 of their "Elegant Satchels" as it's the most practical purse I've even used, and it takes a crazy amount of abuse.

    I've also got 2 large totes, 4 hobos, and a backpack. I missed out on the Peace bag and the Chelsea Shopper. Maybe they still take custom orders?
  12. ^^^Wow! Thanks to TPF, I just learned of a new manufacturer. I am so impressed. They are made in the U.S. and take pride in their quality. I've emailed them for some swatches. I think I might treat myself to their Jane or Natalie Hobo. Most importantly of all, I LOVE THEIR PRICES! They have respect for the economy!
  13. And I was inspired to look at Libaire's website, which I haven't checked in a few months. Peace is back - woo hoo! That is going to be under the tree for me :smile:

    I am not affiliated with them, except as an extremely satisfied customer. And I can attest to their durability, they are little tanks.
  14. We have Furla in Florence too! They have beautiful bags of very good quality; some of my friends have Furla. I've thought of adding one to my (small but growing!) collection, but keep going back to Pierotucci!
  15. I haven't heard of Libaire, but I have a beautiful chocolate Furla bag in my collection. The leather is lovely. :flowers: