Furla JOE has arrived (LUCKY bag)

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  1. Do you remember the bag we were all going nuts over in the June LUCKY magazine? Well, it is finally here in the dune color! When I took it out of the box, it was stuffed full of paper and looked very squarish...not something you would immediately gravitate to in a store display, but when I took all the stuffing out, the bag just melted into a puddle. And the color is gorgeous...the color that the chamois Edith SHOULD have been! And it came with a detachable shoulder strap! I am uploading the LUCKY photo again, then pics of the bag that I ordered. :biggrin:

    Weird thing in box: as I was taking out the stuffing, I found what appears to be a brown detachable bikini strap! It was wrapped up in the paper. Eww! :sick:
    FurlaJoeShopper-1.jpg Joefrontstuffed.jpg Joesidestuffed.jpg Joetopstuffed.jpg Joetopopen.jpg Joezipperclip.jpg Joefrontempty.jpg Joewshoulderstrap.jpg
  2. I have been trying to find that bag at our Furla store they didn't have one in. Is it really big and roomy like the picture?
  3. aprild, apparently once that LUCKY hit the stands, the phones rang off the hook for this bag and it sold out almost immediately. A couple of stores had ordered some bags for fall, so when I hear back I will post about where you can find one. I am waiting for it in the coffee color that was in the magazine. It IS roomy...really nice size without looking huge. There is also a smaller size that is about 2" shorter (which is the one they accidentally quoted the price from in LUCKY), and they have/had it in dune (my color) and black.
  4. OH MY GOD! You Lucky lady no pun intended. :lol: CONGRATS. I love that bag! I think everyone jumped on it because its so big and the price isn't bad either. What will you do with two of them?:amuse:
  5. If I am lucky enough to get the coffee color, I may sell the dune. I really would love the darker...so it will depend on whether any come in to the States and then which one I like better! I love the shape of this bag...it has all the great features of the Chloe pocket bags, but it is a lot softer and lighter, and it has fun straps and shaping like some of the Chloe bags coming out this fall, but the price is about 75% less!
  6. I love that bag! I was waiting to see if it would go on sale after it was published in Lucky. Alas, I snoozed... and lost!
  7. oh crap. why did I have to see this? I love this bag.
  8. Congrats! the leather looks Awesome!! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Have fun with it!
  9. Congrats, it looks very roomy. I like that color.
  10. LOVE Furla!!! Congrats!!!
  11. Great-looking bag, congrats!
  12. It's BEAUTIFUL:love::love::love::love:!
  13. I really like that bag. CONGRATS!!!
  14. ET, I love it!!! Beautiful bag & color! Congrats! =)
  15. Love!!!!!!!!!