Furla Handbags!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    What do you think of Furla handbags? How is the quality? Would love feedback!:smile:
  2. Ooooohh .... I go by the Furla store most nights on my way home from work. I don't own one, and can't comment on quality, but I do think their fall bags are looking very nice!! :yes:
  3. One other question is Furla on the same level as a Coach bag? "Not putting down Coach"?
  4. I just mentioned liking Furla in another thread:upsidedown:. I have 3 of their bags and I really like them. They wear well and are versatile. As far as compring to coach...hmmm...my Furlas are more structured than my coach bags. I would say the quality is about equal.

  5. I agree, my niece has a few and loves them!....in fact I bought her one of them. I think they're about the same quality as Coach too, if not better.
  6. Actually, Furla bags are very stiff and some even remind me of vinyl...just fyi. You would really need to feel them for yourself if you could....they are very attractive designs but like I said the quality of the leather is lacking;)
  7. I love Furla bags. The quality and design are excellent. I think it's a lot better than Coach. (I love Coach too). Also, it's made in Italy. :P
  8. I like Furla bags but they're really expensive in comparison to Europe in the U.S so it might me worth buying them from germany, Italy, France and shipping them over that#s probably a lot cheaper than buying them in the U.S. Here they run about 200-300€ and they always go on sale so you can buy them for 50% off. They're good value for money.
  9. In my experience the Furla bags are not all stiff. It depends on the model and the time it's made (older ones tend to be more stiff). I have a black Ursula E/W satchel. It's pebbled leather and it's very soft. I saw some nice ones in the Fall line too.
  10. I have a few Furlas. The most recent purchase was this summer. The Farrah East West style satchel. Nice soft pebbled leather. I love it. Great quality.
  11. I once ordered a yellow FURLA wallet, but ended up returning it. I didn't like the leather and the credit card slots were awful - it was so difficult to get in and out of :shrugs:
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  12. I love Furla. I just visited the flagship store in NYC about 2 weeks ago. I have five Furla bags (my first two I bought in Rome about 5 years ago). In my experience, they are not at all stiff and the quality of the leather is excellent. My Furla Farrah is so soft and slouchy, that it actually falls into a puddle when it's empty. I like Coach and have several Coach bags, but I think the Furla leather is better quality. The leather and craftmanship is all Italian (gotta love that)!
  13. I like Furla a lot, they are very durable. My sister got her first Furla purse 6 years ago at Saks, I got mine not long after that at Bloomies. The leather/styles were more structured and shiny (similar to some of Longchamp's) then, I wouldn't say they were stiffed. I love them.

    Lately, Furla uses leather that is much more pebbled and soft/slouchy compared to those from a few years back (more structured and shiny). Big and slouch bags are in right? =)
  14. I have been purchasing Furla bags for many years. The quality is great. Yhe bags are made from itilian leather made in Italy. The bags cam set you apart fromthe crowb. Coach bag are not made as well as coach once was. Coach bag wre made in New York city. Now they are made in some of the less expensive factories in China where the production cost are inexpensive.

    Furla baga can range in the 1000.00 range depending on the type of skins used. They are not hoghly copied , howwver I will continue to purchase the bag that are made in Italy. Look around in TJ MAxx and marshalls for great incorrect prices.

    The other day, I was in TJ MAxx I purchased a St John knits Top for 29.00.
    The compare price on the TJ Maxx ticket was 100.oo, However the ticket price on the garment label was 370.00.

    So look around and type new handbags. When I am handbag shopping . I first look at the style.2) If it was made in Italy over looks the brand Label. 4) the price is the last factor. A lot of great designers as located in Italy and the name may not be popular in the US. Alot of handbags are made inthe same factores as Prada Chanel, Marc Jacobs.
  15. I love Furla. I have several of them and they are great quality. Very reasonably priced for handbags made in Italy!