Furla Handbag Sale

  1. Some good buys here....

  2. I so love this bag.... I just wish it wasn't a handheld:sad:

  3. Furla do some cute stuff!:yes:
    Love the handheld velvet bag..

    Furla USA
  4. I have to share my experience with furlausa.com here...Their online store does not indicate availability. You can always place the order, and their online department will dispatch the order to local boutiques. Whatever available in those boutiques is available, otherwise you just don't get what you ordered.

    I ordered twice from them. The first time 1 of 2 bags was cancelled. The second time 2 of 3 bags were cancelled. I tried every way to contact them and finally had to write to their store manager in Garden State plaza. And that was the explanation I got.

    So, if you successfully place the order, do not be too disappointed if later you don't get all that you ordered......(they don't charge you for those unavailable though, which is good.)