Furla Farrah

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  1. Has anyone seen the white Farrah bag?

    Any thoughts?
  2. Do you have a picture to post?
  3. I saw it in pictures and loved it then saw it in person and wasn't as thrilled.
  4. This is it
  5. I kinda like it at first, ok no...i was raving about it. Then I saw the actual on eBay, and not so sure abt it. I think its distinctive, plenty of space, i'm most curious hows the slouch like IRL.
  6. I just bought one...it is FABULOUS! I love it! Big enough to carry water bottle and magazines, great tote, color is gorgeous, and the leather is like butter.
  7. I like it reminds me of the miu miu.
  8. That is a beautiful bag!!!
  9. I think it's really beautiful!
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