Furla Elisabeth Handbag

  1. I wish I could search the forum for some insights but, unfortunately, the search feature has been disabled or isn't working. Any how, I've been eyeing the Furla Elisabeth for some time now...I've never actually seen this bag in person and was wondering if those ladies that have could give me some insight on the quality and such. I'm itching to buy a hobo...it's between the Furla Elisabeth and the Gucci Horsebit Hobo, which costs about 3 times as much. What do you all think about this handbag? Are Furla handbags quality handbags? Or, would they be considered overpriced? Thanks in advance! ;)

  2. I don't own anything Furla, but I've only heard good things about the quality of their bags. :yes:
  3. The furla is a great looking bag... I own a Furla Farrah and it's a very quality well-made bag!

    The gucci can get uncomfortable if worn for a long time due to the hardware on the shoulder strap... the furla looks by far.. waaay more comfortable and useful! plus it has that strap, I think... you can wear it crossbody.

    I say.. go with the Furla, for sure!
  4. Thanks, ladies!:tup:
  5. You're welcome! :smile:
  6. Am a Furla lover and have lots of bags from them. Luv the fact that since it's a brand below the radar, the price are not exagerrated (esp. in Europe) and it's less likely that I will see lots of people wearing that bag!
    People do spot on their quality, becoz I have lots of people commenting what a great bag they are and from where do I get it.

    And trust me, they are durable. I literally abused my first furla (laptops and textbooks in college, milk and juice for grocery shopping) and it shows so little wear and tear. That's actually that triggered me to start collecting furla :tup:
  7. That's always good to know.
  8. I have a large Furla handbag that I use as a briefcase and it is wearing like iron, including hauling files, shoes, lunch, and it still looks great.
  9. By chance, has anyone seen the Elisabeth before (in person)?
  10. i've had a couple of furlas but i dont know what they were. the leather was really good on them and durable. I used it for work to carry files and such.
    i have the gucci Horsebit Hobo but it's not as durable and it's not for lugging my work stuff.;)
  11. I recently bought the large Elizabeth, in the python embossed leather, and I love it. It is big but very light, and has a very nice slouch to it. The leather is very high quality and feels really nice. I saw the matte leather Elizabeth at the Furla boutique, and the leather looks really nice and soft. If you like the photos, you won't be disappointed by the real thing, in my opinion.
  12. I've seen the Furla elizabeth at Bloomingdales in the snake emboss leather..

    It's a gorgeous bag.
  13. I LOVE Furla's sophistication and taste. That bag is BEAUTIFUL. Good choice!!!
  14. Hey laru,
    I work in the designer handbag department at Bloomingdales on 59th and Lex here in NYC, so I'm very familiar with Furla brand. The leather on the Elisabeth is quality leather, it is not very soft at first but it wears beautifully! I gave my mom a Furla for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! This is a european brand, made in Italy, so you really can't go wrong with that. Best wishes!
  15. I actually just got and returned the Elisabeth this week. I had been wanting one for awhile- I love the style, shape, and size of this bag. It seemed like the perfect mix of style and practicality. I, too, love the shape of the Gucci horsebit hobo, and thought this would be a more practical and inexpensive version. And I love the long strap option!

    This week, the Elisabeth in the medium size went on sale on the furla website for the cheapest I've seen it go for. (They still have coffee and onyx available). I decided to get it, except from Nordstrom's with pricematching, because I had some giftcards from there. I got the black one. The leather seemed reasonably soft and durable. It's a little shiny. I wasn't too fond of the contrast stitching (kinda beige colored), but thought it would be okay.

    The next day, though, I looked at it more closely. The contrast stitching really did start to bother me, as well as the silver hardware (I'm more of a gold hardware person). The contrast stitching made the bag look kinda cheap (at least on the black), and because it was that beige color, it made it look like it had gotten dirty/ dingy. But the thing that I didn't like the most was how the leather textures seemed different on each piece/ side of the bag. The grain was going in different directions and just didn't seem to match. It could have been just the one I got, but it was the last one in the store so I just returned it the next day.

    I still think this style is great, but it would depend on the leather for me. For example, the orange color (dalia) leather seemed more smooth and even. Same with the metallics I've seen. The store near me didn't have the coffee color, but it does look nice in the pictures.

    I also have reservations about the contrast stitching (as mentioned above), but it could just be me. I really wanted to love this bag, but it just didn't work out. I think my conclusion is that if you can find a good leather/ stitching combination, this would be a great bag. Oh, and on sale. Again, just my opinion, but I don't think this is worth the full retail price.